Learn more about our latest feature update – Zapier integration. We talk about the benefits it brings to you, our coaches, and how you can automate your workflows even further to save you time and concentrate on the important things, your clients.


Aug 2, 2023

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We are thrilled to announce our new integration with Zapier, a powerful automation platform that allows personal trainersto streamline their workflows and eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks. We know time is scarce as a health and fitness coach and with this integration, we are taking a giant leap forward in enabling our coaches to prioritise what truly matters—their clients' fitness journey.

Imagine a world where appointment scheduling, client onboarding, and data management happen effortlessly in the background. With Zapier's extensive library of integrations, our PT's can create custom workflows tailored to their specific needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity. 

Through Zapier, FITR Coaches can integrate our platform with popular apps such as Google Calendar, Facebook, Mail Chimp, and many more. This integration enables personal trainers to automatically sync their schedules, receive instant notifications, and seamlessly organise client information—all without the need for manual intervention. This newfound automation not only saves valuable time but also ensures a consistent and smooth experience for both coaches and clients. Check out a few of our most common workflows below:

Popular workflows:

  • When a client starts a program trial - add a new circle member (Circle)
  • When a client converts from a trial - sign them up to book a call (Google calendar)
  • When a client is scheduled in a program - sign them up to mail series (Mailchimp)
  • When a fixed length program is 14 days from ending - Send a promotional email (Outlook)
  • When a client completes 60 days of workouts - Create a group post to celebrate your client (Facebook)
  • When it’s a client’s birthday - send them an email with a coupon code (Mailchimp)

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Our integration with Zapier revolutionises the way FITR Coaches operate by enabling them to automate workflows and eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks. Try the power of Zapier + FITR yourself on our UNLIMITED plan.
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