Our pricing is based on the number of sales you make in any one month. There's no need to select a specific plan, Fitr. will automatically calculate the pricing based on your monthly activity.

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Coach & Brand Subscription

Monthly fee based on number of sales per month.

Free until you sell your first plan


1-5 sales

avg £3.00

6-20 sales

avg £2.00

21-50 sales

avg £1.50

51+ sales

£74.99 plus £1 per additional sale
over 50 sales per month
per sale
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Pay nothing until you make your first sale. No credit card required, cancel anytime.

A sale is defined as any single payment processed through a coach account each month. This is either the sale of a fixed length plan, or a monthly subscription payment. It DOES NOT include sales of Free plans - i.e. those the client DOES NOT pay for and therefore does not go through Stripe processing

Coach earnings: A small % fee will be deducted from each transaction between coach and client. The fee covers Stripe payment processing and means we can give the core client account away for free. All prices include relevant taxes.

The higher the retail price, the lower the % fee. When setting your retail prices, we'll show earnings so you're totally clear on how much you make.

Powerful plan creator

Use text, images and videos in your sessions.

1:1 bespoke coaching

Provide high quality customised coaching.

Sell plans to the masses

Find your niche and sell to a wider audience.

One-off downloads & on-going memberships

Sell short term plans or on-going memberships.

Automatic content delivery and client billing

Fitr. automates content delivery and client billing.

Works from any connected device

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