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White Label is included in all UNLIMITED accounts, or you can add it to PRO at any time. Try White Label during your 14 day free trial.

What is White Label?

Included as standard

Every coach on Fitr has access to all of the features related to their account type, and we’re continually developing our platform to equip coaches and their clients with more tools to train. Check out our full features list for a breakdown of everything you need to know.

Build your very own storefront and make it personal to you. Showcase your coaches, client testimonials, training programs and more.
Stripe integration
Connect Stripe to our payment system and your clients will be automatically billed and restricted from your programming if payments are missed.
Coupons & Trials
Offer promotions and trials on your programming to new and existing clients.
Let your clients compare and interact with each other on real time leaderboards. Add scoring metrics to your workouts on any given day and/or set repeatable challenges across your client base to monitor longer term progress.
Link benchmarks from our central library to offer every one of your clients personalised sessions based on their own individual records, regardless of how many clients are on the program. Adjust for percentages, split times, watts, reps and more!
Review & build
Review client performances in the schedule view while you build future programming. Leave feedback, copy training days and more.
Create communities amongst your clients that are automatically updated as clients subscribe or unsubscribe to your programming.
Client retention analytics
View information about your clients such as their lifetime value, completion rate and mood level, helping you to understand how your client base is performing.
Financial Management
Export your sales as CSV files with hyperlinks to invoices, and filter the information based on date, client location, program and more. You can also access Stripe's financial dashboard and reporting.
Media & document library
Utilise our media library of over 500 movement videos to supplement your programming, or add your own media and build your own collection.

Max 500mb per file.
Native mobile apps
Dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps for both clients and coaches to help you stay in touch and train together.
Join Other Accounts
Join forces with other coaches who invite you to coach with them. Offer joint programming and share coaching responsibilities
Integrated Payments

Charge your clients automatically with Fitr

Automatically charge clients on a one-off or recurring basis and receive the earnings directly into your bank account by connecting your account to Stripe. No more chasing payments or manually adding clients to your programming. Our integrated system automates reminders, cancellations and access restrictions.

A transaction fee* will apply when charging clients in this way. Integrating payments is 100% optional, you are free to manage payments outside of Fitr in which case the transaction fee will not apply.

Trusted by coaches…

Join the fitness professionals who have earned over £7 Million using Fitr to train their clients remotely. Here's what a few of them have to say about us:

Mat Fraser trusts Fitr to power HWPO Training

The Fitr team knows how to deliver. Their software provides a place for our members to SHOW UP and WORK HARD every day. With Fitr you’ll unlock a platform that allows you to GROW your business whilst staying CONNECTED to your clients.

HWPO Training

Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser

Eleiko is proud to work with the best in the game

“Fitr is leading the market when it comes to automation and scale, making it incredibly simple to reach large audiences quickly. We don't hesitate to recommend Fitr to all our customers.”


Dale Beech

Dale Beech

The switch to Fitr has been a great choice

“The Fitr team is very experienced in fitness so they are building in things are great for both the athlete and the coach. My favorite feature is that the calculations are done for the athlete.”

Invictus Fitness

Hunter Britt

Hunter Britt

The smartest, yet simplest coaching software!

Fitr has been a game-changer for us to create not only great programming, but a complete and bespoke hub to connect our members with ease and simplicity There are so many useful tools that elevate the software.


Jordan Shelly

Jordan Shelly

Fitr training had helped me scale my business hugely

The Fitr software truly offers full client management! Such as one to one messaging, coach performance feedback, coach ‘seen’ notifications to the client, customisable automatic messages, and more.

JST Compete

Steven Fawcett

Steven Fawcett

Best in the Game

Being the first to offer online coaching in gymnastics was made simpler and easy by the amazing features and systems Fitr has to offer. This is your go-to if you are an online coach of any sort.

Reiss Beckford Training

Reiss Beckford

Reiss Beckford

One of the best moves I made for our company

Because the company is owned and heavy influenced by people deep inside the training world you know that the updates that keep coming out are to benefit you as a coach and that the platform only seems to be getting better with time.

Prepared Programming

Phil Hesketh

Phil Hesketh

For me it was a no brainer going with Fitr

They’re the most thoughtful, program building site, simplifying the process. The payment process for both athletes and coaches has been made easy and that alone allows you to focus on programming over time consuming admin.

Move | LA

Joshua Al-Chamaa

Joshua Al-Chamaa

Have been using FITR ever since I started online coaching

It has everything you need. The fact you can train, take & track payments, and create a community all in one place is amazing. I’ve never even considered another platform, it’s genuinely the reason my business has grown and developed.

Sam Perry Coaching

Sam Perry

Sam Perry

I love that Fitr is a one stop shop for everything

It makes running a business and providing programming so easy and saves so much time. From programming and support system to client feedback and billing, Fitr has it all.

Made by McQuaid

Emma McQuaid

Emma McQuaid

Fitr has really streamlined the way we work

The UI on the coaches' side has a ton of features, such as the templates & benchmarks, which are really handy. The Fitr team added a load more Strongman benchmarks for us too!

MST Systems

Shane Jerman

Shane Jerman

Best programming platform

After trying many different platforms over the past 6 years, I was happy to find Fitr at the beginning of 2020. Programming, system support, client communication, billing and storefront presentation are all so well done it makes providing programming easy and smooth.

NoShortcuts Training

André Houdet

André Houdet

I wasn’t prepared for the popularity

I uploaded the handstand program to my Fitr account. My socials exploded with people raving about their progress and it’s given me the confidence to offer more remote programming.

Functional fitness EST 28.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Fitr exceeding expectations

Fitr is solving many of our problems as we scale up. They’ve been responsive and enthusiastic and the app itself is easy to navigate for clients. We could not be happier to be a part of this!

Take Control Training

Trevor Cyr

Trevor Cyr

The Ferrari of programming software

Fitr has been a game changer, The integrated payment system, group community chats and array of other key features are superb to work with, making the consumer & coaching experience as seamless as possible!

Tom Bliss

Tom Bliss

I made the switch to Fitr from WODIFY

The customer support from the Fitr team is exceptional and the back end is so simple and easy to use both from my computer and on my phone. I’m so glad to have switched over!

Sweat Therapy

Khan Porter

Khan Porter

Fitr has been amazing

Helping me launch and sell online programmes. It's so easy to use both as a coach and as a user. it's incredibly straightforward and simple to get running. I wouldn't use any other platform.

Reggie Fasa

Reggie Fasa

I love it and could never go anywhere else

For years I’d been looking to get into online coaching, but I never did as other apps’ software felt clunky and not up to my standards. That all changed when I came across Fitr earlier this year.

Josh Adams

Josh Adams

It was a no-brainer!

We know that partnering with the right programming platform plays a major part in helping athletes reach their maximum potential in sport and in life. With Fitr, we received hands-on customer support from the very beginning.

Underdog Athletics

Jared Graybeal

Jared Graybeal

Excellent tool for coaching

Excellent support and great tool for writing training plans! Easy to use, and you can easily support individual customers as well as larger groups. Absolutely recommend.

Luke Fit

Christoph Rodenbach

Christoph Rodenbach


What is an active client subscription?

An active client subscription is any client who is currently subscribed to one of your ongoing programs. Clients who download your fixed length programs won't count towards your active client subscription count.

Do I get charged to add coaches in my trial?

You won’t be charged for adding coaches during your trial. We’ll only take the first payment at the end of your trial if you choose to upgrade.

How many additional coaches can I invite?

You can invite as many additional coaches to train with you as you need, but the £9.99 charge will apply per coach who joins in this way, unless you are on the Unlimited plan.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

You can upgrade or downgrade your account in the platform at any time. Please note that if you have 6 or more active client subscriptions, you won't be able to downgrade to the Starter plan until you reduce your client subscriptions.

I’ve been invited to join another coach, do I need a coach account?

If you've been invited to join forces with another coach on Fitr, follow the email invitation to get started. You'll automatically be linked up to the coach you're joining, and you won't have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Do my clients have to pay for an account?

All client accounts are free, they’ll only be charged when they purchase programming from a Fitr coach.

Can I sell my programs for free?

Yes! If you want to charge your clients outside of our platform, offer free programming to boost your brand or to help your clients, you can choose not to charge. You won’t be charged any transaction fees when offering free programming.

Can I sell my programs in different currencies?

Yes, set prices in your local currency, and we'll automatically display the price in your clients' local currency (as long as it's supported by Stripe), making it easier for them to understand how much they'll pay. View the 135+ currencies Stripe supports.

What are transaction fees?

Transaction fees are applied when you sell one of your programs. We handle all payments within our platform when you connect your Stripe account. When you sell a program, a 3.49% fixed transaction fee will be deducted from your total sale. Stripe will also charge you a payment processing fee that varies from country to country, which you can learn more about by visiting Stripe -

Why do I pay fees when selling my programming?

When setting up payments, you'll be asked to set up a Stripe account which is used to handle your payments. Stripe will directly charge you to process a transaction whenever you sell a program, which you can learn more about by visiting the Stripe pricing page. You will also be charged a 3.49% fee on your paid programs which is paid directly to us, this allows us to keep our subscription prices low and grow with you as you sell more programming.

Do I need my own Stripe account for accepting payments?

Yes, to use our integrated payments system you will be required to set up a Stripe account. There's no need to create one in advance, one will automatically be created for you when you follow the process to link Stripe to Fitr. You'll be able to have your own log in details to access Stripe directly at any point.

What happens when I start a free trial?

All trials will have access to the features listed in our UNLIMITED account option, giving you the chance to try everything Fitr has to offer. At the end of your trial, we won’t automatically put you on to an UNLIMITED account, you’ll be able to choose for yourself.

What happens after my free trial?

When your free trial ends, you'll be asked whether you'd like to upgrade your account to a paid plan. You can upgrade your account at any time during the trial, and you'll still receive the remaining days for free!

What happens to White Label customisations after my trial?

Any White Label features you set up with will be saved (except for Custom URLs). You’ll need to upgrade to a PRO account and add White Label, or select an UNLIMITED account to activate your brand customisations after your trial has ended.

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*Transaction fees explained...

When selling programs on Fitr, you'll need to pay transaction fees whenever a client makes a purchase. Fitr charges 3.49% on each transaction which allows us to provide free client accounts and coach accounts at a low cost. Stripe will also directly charge you for processing a payment, and the amount you pay will vary from country to country. You can learn more about Stripe fees by visiting their pricing page or view some examples below:

Example transaction fees
(Last updated: 1st February 2022. For up to date information please refer to Stripe)

Your local currency

Stripe Fees

Fitr Transaction Fee

United Kingdom (GBP)

1.4% + 20p

For European cards

2.9% + 20p

For non-European cards



2.9% + 30¢


Euro (EUR)

1.4% + €0.25

For European cards

2.9% + €0.25

For non-European cards



1.9% + AED1


Sweden (SEK)

1.4% + 1.80kr

For European cards

2.9% + 1.80kr

For non-European cards


Australia (AUD)

1.75% +  A$0.30

For domestic cards

2.9% +  A$0.30

For International cards


Canada (CAD)

2.9% + C$0.30