Review & Build

Schedule your programming while viewing past client performance.

Review & Build allows you to work on new program scheduling while viewing client information, such as their completion rate and activity. This feature is designed to save you time switching between client information and scheduling, and help you make more personalised coaching decisions while working on your program schedule.

Review & Build

Leave feedback & attach files

While reviewing how your clients are doing, you can easily attach photos, add videos, insert files and leave feedback in the scheduling view.

Use this feature to help them with your training as they progress.

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Review and build completion rate snippet - powered by Fitr
Review & Build

Completion rate

See the completion rate of training days in your programming and understand which parts have been completed, partially completed, or missed by your clients.

Understand what type of training is attracting the highest engagement or lowest completion while planning for the future.

Review & Build

Group activity review

When reviewing programs with multiple clients, we’ll group them together based on whether they’ve completed all, some, or none of the training.

We’ll show you a list of clients in each group that you can individually message, or contact en masse.

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Review & Build

Search & filter

In review mode, find specific clients or training elements using our search function. Search based on client name, Personal Records, descriptions, training parts and more.

Filter search results further based on client status and performance.

Review & Build

Build & copy training days

Create new days whilst looking at past scheduling and client performances.

Copy directly from the past into the future as you build new days and edit your programming as required.

Review and build cut, copy and paste training - powered by Fitr
Review & Build is available with Custom and Group Rolling Calendar program types.

Client scheduling

Our powerful schedule builder gives you everything you need to create online programming. All scheduling features are available while using review and build, making it seamless to create new training while viewing client information.

Scheduling Features

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