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All of Fitr.’s features are designed to help you grow your business, and we’re continually adding to and improving the platform.

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Create Content

Build workouts, create plans and schedule sessions for your clients.

Powerful Plan Creator

Build plans and create workout sessions using videos, images and text.

Automated Content Delivery

Schedule when your clients should receive content, Fitr. does the rest.

Bespoke Capabilities

Train your clients 1:1 with bespoke content delivery.

Build Your Own Media Library

Create a collection of videos, images and documents, ready to be dropped into any of your plans.

Build Your Own Workout Library

Create a collection of training blocks ready to insert anywhere you need.

Copy and Move

Copy sessions directly from one calendar to another with ease, there’s no need to rebuild.

Types of coaching content:

1:1 Bespoke Coaching

Delivery of high value individualised training content to bespoke plan subscribers

Fixed Length Plans

Create and sell fixed length plans. Anything from a teaser to pre-competition programming.

Automated Memberships

Grow your business with fully automated memberships. Manage all content from a central plan.

Sell with a Fitr. link

Promote and sell your content with a simple link.

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Sell Via A Fitr. Link

Sell your plans with a simple link. Put them anywhere and clients will be directed straight to your content.

Secure Client Billing

Using Stripe, Fitr. takes care of client billing and pays you your cut each month direct to your bank.

Custom Promo Codes

Want to run an offer? Use custom promo codes to entice new clients.

Share Your Library

Share a link to your public library, let the client choose what they want to buy.

Keep Plans Private

Hide plans from your public library, show people only what you want them to see.

Manage clients

Track, chat and interact with your clients.

Managing clients in Fitr - online fitness training platform

Client Listing

Access all your clients in one place - quick links to chat, view downloaded content and client performance.

Client Calendars

View client performance next to your content and send new sessions to bespoke plan subscribers. Get the best overview of your client’s progress.

Performance Feedback

Add feedback notes directly to your client’s calendar for rapid review of their hard work.

Fitr. Chat

Chat with clients 1:1. Send links, share documents and media, even export client performances into chat for an in-depth review. Remote coaching doesn’t need to be impersonal.

Video Guidance

Client’s form slightly off? No problem, rather than tell them what’s wrong, show them. Keep this guidance in your media library for future use.


Analyse your earnings and where improvements can be made, as well as sending group messages to your clients.

Grow your business

Join the platform designed for growth.

Growing your PT business with Fitr - the online fitness training platform

Unlimited Client Coaching

There’s no limit on the sales you can make. Fitr.’s built to help you grow.

Unlimited Content Creation

We don’t limit the number of videos, pictures, PDFs and other documents you upload, or content you create. We don’t even restrict video size!

Drive More Sales

Built a new plan your clients will love? Use dashboard messaging to remarket this content to your clients in a single message.

Flexible Pricing

Only pay for the sales you make each month. No sales = no cost.

Fitr. Support

We’re invested in you. We’re continually developing the platform so you have more tools to grow. You grow, we grow. We’re in it together.

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