Our Features

All our features are designed to help you create, sell, manage and grow your remote coaching business.

Create your remote coaching business

Create the perfect library of training programs to suit your coaching needs.

Program Library

Create a library of fixed length and subscription-based programs based on your needs, for individuals and groups; we’ve got 4 styles to choose from.

Coming soon

One-off Downloads

Create programs with a set length that are downloadable as a one-off. Great for sample weeks of your subscription-based programming, or to achieve a set goal.

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Individualised Programming

Offer truly bespoke programming to clients who need that personal touch. Our bespoke program style lets you create a single bespoke ‘program’ for a monthly price, while giving you access to each client’s personal calendar.

Coming soon

Group Based Training Programs

Most people don’t need bespoke programming; Allow your clients to follow the same core training schedule as each other in group programs. Great for managing a larger client base efficiently and gym-wide programming.

Coming soon

Personalised Client Sessions

Link benchmarks from our central library to offer every one of your clients personalised sessions based on their own individual records, regardless of how many clients are on the program. Adjust for percentages, split times, watts, reps and more!

Coming soon

Program Welcome Message

Set an automated welcome message for each of your programs. When a client signs up, introduce them with text, attach documents, or even include a personal video welcoming them as their coach.

Coming soon

Training Visibility

Decide how far in advance clients should see their training schedule. Build your programs in advance and tweak them before clients get to see.

Coming soon


Create and save single sessions or weeks of training as templates to use in any of your programs, time and time again.

Coming soon: Create templates from groups of sessions and custom lengths.

Coming soon

Media Libraries

Use our media library of 500+ movement videos (and growing) to supplement your programming, or add your own collection of videos, images and docs over time.

Coming soon

Full Document Support

Store a library of PDFs, documents and spreadsheets that can be easily shared with your clients. Add them into your programs or share them via chat.

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Showcase and sell your services

We take care of it all, from promotional website-like pages to client billing.

One Account

Forget managing multiple platforms such as your website, content delivery, payment gateway and messaging service. One account on Fitr Training is all you need.

Coming soon

Website-like Landing Page

Customise your very own website-like public page to share with existing and prospective clients. Showcase who you are, what you specialise in, testimonials and more.

Coming soon

Program Pages

Build detailed promotional pages for each and every one of your training programs. Add supporting media and preview docs to pitch your program to clients.

Coming soon

Custom URLs

Customise the shareable URL that links to your programs and website-like landing page. Make them unique to you and the type of training you offer.

Coming soon

Fast & Easy Set Up

There’s no need to manage your own Stripe account, simply link into ours and we’ll take care of charging clients and transferring your earnings into your bank account automatically.

Coming soon

Individuals & Companies

Are you a sole trader or a formal company? With Fitr Training it doesn’t matter; our Stripe integration means you’ll be set up in no time and in the format that suits your needs.

Coming soon

Automated Client Billing

Our integrated payment system means you're never out of pocket. Automated client billing with automatic access restrictions if they miss a payment.

Coming soon

Multi-Currency Support

If applicable, Fitr Training automatically converts your prices and displays them in the clients chosen currency, taking care of foreign exchange on payments.

Coming soon

Discount Codes

Set up your very own discount codes to offer promotions to new and existing clients.

Coming soon

Keep Programs Private

Hide programs from your public library, show people only what you want them to see.

Coming soon

Teaser Programs

Fitr Training allows you to publish free programs as giveaways. Use them to build your brand awareness and attract new clients through added value. You won’t be charged for creating these, and there’s no limit on the number you can create.

Coming soon

Manage your client base

From coaching set ups with 1 client to those with 350+, we've got you covered!


Let your clients compare themselves against each other on real-time leaderboards. From daily workouts to all-time records, link scores to any session on any program.

Coming soon

Notifications & warnings

Our feed system makes it super easy to see when something needs your attention. Plus, our warning system lets you know when clients are nearing the end of scheduled training or their program.

Coming soon

New Client Feed

An automatically filtered list of new clients directly in your Inbox. Easily see who’s new and received your program’s welcome message. Drop them a further note for a personal touch.

Coming soon

1:1 Messaging

Chat and share media via our messenger or leave feedback notes and video guidance directly on client performances.

Coming soon

Group Chats

Launch group chats, known as 'Communities', which will automatically keep up to date based on active client subscriptions. No more "who's in, who's out?". Chat with groups of clients without the need for private Facebook groups.

Coming soon


Create and insert challenges into any of your programs. We’ll collate client scores from across your programming into a central challenge leaderboard.

Coming soon

Video Guidance

Is your client’s form slightly off? No problem. Rather than tell them what’s wrong, show them with a video that can be saved in your media library for future use.

Coming soon

Benchmark Review

Review your client’s benchmark entries and any associated media. Even compare media entries side by side to see your client’s progress over time. Start a comment thread directly on the benchmark entry itself.

Coming soon

Fitr Training Community Analysis

See how your clients are performing by analysing their benchmark performances against each other and the wider Fitr Training community.

Coming soon

Native Apps

Dedicated apps for both clients and coaches to help you stay in touch and train together.

Coming soon

Financial Dashboard

Analyse your earnings and where improvements can be made, with breakdowns of sales by program type, client location and more.

Coming soon

Invoices & Receipts

Download sales invoices and receipts for your reporting purposes. Your clients can download their billing history too.

Coming soon

CSV Reporting

Export reports of your sales to CSV files with hyperlinks to invoices. Filter by date, client location, program and more. Great for accounting purposes.

Coming soon

Client Cancellations & Refunds

Cancel client subscriptions on their behalf and easily offer partial or full refunds at the same time. We're here for you if there's hiccups along the way to greatness.

Coming soon

Grow your coaching business

Unlimited clients, unlimited programs. Scale your coaching business!

Unlimited Training Programs

Create and sell as many programs as you wish. We don’t charge based on the number you use. Fitr Training has been developed to help you grow.

Coming soon

Unlimited Clients

We don’t charge you on a per client basis either. Manage as many clients as you want to; the more the merrier.

Coming soon

Drive More Sales

Use Communities or our ‘send message to all’ to remarket to your current client base. Use your program and public pages to showcase to the world what you do.

Coming soon

Brand & Gym Teams

Up and running and want to split your business out? Create as many brand and gym Pages as you want - think of this like having multiple Instagram pages, each with their own training programs, coaches, clients and even bank account.

Coming soon

Join Other Teams

Link into other teams without the need for another account.

Coming soon

Switch Between Accounts

There’s no need to log in and log out, easily switch between the brands/gyms you own and those you’ve been invited to from your main menu.

Coming soon

System Support

We’re invested in you. We continually develop the Fitr Training platform, giving you more tools to grow. You grow, we grow. We’re in it together.

Coming soon

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