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FITR has been built with the fitness community in mind. We enable fitness coaches to join forces and build teams to reach wider audiences, share their workload, and grow online communities.

Swimming coach
Tim Morgan
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Ex-professional swimmer dedicated to helping people get fit.
Female coach
Meghan Miller
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Over 15 years experience helping people with movement.
Black female coach
Helen Caldwell
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Doctorate in Sports Coaching with a focus on callisthenics.
Yoga coach
Aston Hodges
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My goal is to help you reach your goals in mobility.
black male coach
Arthur Howell
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Head of programming, scheduling and client management.
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Invite coaches

Invite other coaches to share the responsibilities of programming and client management. All invited coaches will have access to the features they need to work with you on the day-to-day running of your business.

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Join other teams

Join other teams to share in the responsibility of program and client management. If you have a personal coaching account, you’ll still have access to this alongside any teams you’ve joined. You can also join more than one team from the same account.

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Easily manage multiple accounts

We’ve made it easy to switch between your personal account and any teams you’re a part of without having to log in and out. Just select which team or profile you want to access from the main menu and we’ll take you to the appropriate view.

Coach Notes

Leave notes for your coaching team.

Add Coach Notes that aren't visible to clients to any program schedule. Perfect for sharing important information with other coaches in your team. Add resources to your notes and view them as you create new training.

Notes are limited on STARTER plans, for full access you’ll need PRO or UNLIMITED.

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