Client management

Save time managing your remote clients.

Our client management features give you every tool needed to handle your day-to-day client responsibilities, while saving you time and improving the quality of your service. Whether you’re coaching individuals or managing a large group, our platform will help you communicate, track and analyse your clients.


You’re only ever one click away from communicating with your clients.

Profile photos in communication bubbles, sent media and emoji
Profile photos in communication bubbles, sent media and emoji

Contact users directly, speak to entire groups at the same time, comment on client entries and more.


Progress tracking

Our tracking features mean clients can track their Personal Records, Body Metrics, and Challenge entries over time. You can view their entries over a longer time period and leave comments for your clients. We’ll visualise their results to help motivate them and demonstrate the effect your program is having.

Personal Record tracking
Body metric tracking
Challenges tracking
Progress Tracking
List of benchmarks


Learn about your clients through detailed analytics.

We’ll show you performance related stats that you can use to make targeted decisions about individuals and groups of clients. View information such as program completion rates, client lifetime value, status tags and more.


Review & Build

Build your program schedule while reviewing client performances in the same view.

Review & Build
New program media in the Build leaflet of the Schedule Builder

Integrated payments

Our integrated payments feature automatically handles client billing and training access.

When you sell a program or secure a monthly renewal, we’ll charge your clients and deposit the funds into your bank account. If clients miss their payments, we’ll send them a reminder before restricting their access to training. Spend less time on billing and more time on coaching.


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hear it from our coaches

FITR's forward-thinking approach to online coaching is evident through their platform's advanced functionality, user experience, ease of client management and opportunity for business scalability.

Harvey Lawton
The Movement Blueprint

FITR allows my clients to provide in depth summaries of their sessions, as well as update me with their moods/energy levels. They also complete all their check ins and feedback IN APP. This means I can get to know them really well.

Poppy Marsh
Poppy Fit Coaching

FITR delivers programming to clients in an easy to follow format, including features which allow maximum interaction with the coach whilst not adding unwanted admin for either party.

Joe Corrie
Joe Corrie Coaching

I use FITR for all of my personal clients, and the benefits they are seeing from the ease of use is as good on their side as it is from the programming side. Great interface and overall experience!

Streat Hoerner

The FITR software truly offer full client management, such as one to one messaging, feedback, notifications and more.

Steven Fawcett
JST Compete

The platform has unique and amazing features that make your athlete experience both hassle-free, personal and exciting.

Phil Hesketh
Prepared Programming

Personalised percentages are awesome. Calculating in the gym or switching backwards and forwards between pages is gone.

Mat Fraser
HWPO Training

The ability to communicate with clients through the platform is also fantastic and the customer support from the FITR team is exceptional.

Khan Porter
Sweat Therapy

FITR has been allowed us to form an online community focused around our training program.

John Singleton
The Progrm

Interaction with clients is made easy. My favourite feature is that calculations are done for athletes based on their 1 rep max.

Hunter Britt
Invictus Fitness

I love that FITR is a one stop shop for everything programming, support system, client feedback and billing. FITR makes running a business and providing online programming easy and it saves so much time.

Emma McQuaid
Daily Grind

The free client and coach app allows communication to be direct and personal.

David Cooper

You can support individual customers as well as larger groups. Easy to use and super friendly, helpful and competent team! Absolutely recommend.

Christoph Rodenbach
Luke Fit
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