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Powered by Stripe, Fitr Training takes care of your client billing so that you can sit back, relax and focus on training.
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Create Training

When you create a training program, you’ll select how often your clients get billed and the price they pay. 

Accept Payments

Fitr Training handles your client payments. Your earnings, after transaction fees, are transferred directly to your bank account. Our full SCA compliant system means your client's payments are completely secure.  Clients can purchase your programs at any time, without any interaction from you, so you can make money while you sleep.

International Cards & Currencies

Fitr Training is all about giving you the tools to sell to a wider audience. With our global currency support, you can create online training programs and sell them anywhere in the world. We accept all major debit and credit cards in over 130 currencies. Price your programs in the currency of your choice. We’ll automatically convert your price to display in the client’s currency preference, taking care of foreign exchange when they make a purchase.

Automatic Client Billing

Depending on the pricing you set, Fitr Training automatically bills your clients with a one-off or recurring invoice. We’ll even chase late payments and restrict client access to your training for overdue accounts.

Manage Finances

You can access payment statistics via the dashboard at any time; see how much you’ve earnt, any outstanding transfers and view further statistics on your program earnings and transactions. We’ll notify you of late payments and suspended accounts via your feed.

Discount Coupons

Using promo codes, you can set up discounts and offers to entice new clients. You also have the option to publish a program for free so that you can attract clients via teaser workouts and trials.

Transaction fees: A small % fee will be deducted from each transaction between coach and client. The fee covers Stripe payment processing and means we can give the core client account away for free. All prices include relevant taxes.

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Pay nothing until you make your first sale.
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