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We’re committed to helping personal trainers grow their businesses throughout their careers. We know that getting started is the first hurdle, so we are proud to offer exclusive and free support to education providers and their students.

Tim Morgan
Currently pursuing my certification in personal training. I'm committed to helping others build muscle and confidence through tailored fitness programs.
Siobhan Arnold
As a student diving into yoga and mindfulness, I aim to blend mental and physical health in my future fitness coaching.
Ada Botha
As a HYROX affiliate, my focus is on getting my competitors race ready through endurance training.
Aston Hodges
Learning to create adaptable workout plans that improve everyday performance and prevent injuries is my goal.
Pascal Demarcus
I am focusing on becoming a sports performance coach, particularly football athletes who want to improve their game.

What is Fitr?

FITR is the elite personal training platform used worldwide by personal trainers across various disciplines. It is an all-in-one solution that allows coaches to distribute a wide range of online training services. Suitable for both in-person, online, 1-2-1 and en masse programming.

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Free access for students during their studies

When you verify your students, we’ll grant them an extended trial of our UNLIMITED plan for up to 90 days so they can use our platform for free during their studies. To help them get up and running after they’ve qualified, we’ll also provide them with a discounted rate for the first 6 months of their career.


Full access to all features, including:
Unlimited Clients
Unlimited One-off Downloads
Unlimited Programs
Integrated Payments
Unlimited Coach Notes
Unlimited Coaches
Quarterly 1:1 Account Optimisation
WHITE LABEL Customisation
Zapier Logo
90 Day Free trial

Practical assessments made easy

Use FITR for practical assessments by setting tasks for your students to complete in the app and verifying them through shared access. We can provide content for course materials such as written briefs, video introductions and live product demos.

Set up your coaching brand and create a Storefront for your business.
Schedule 1-week of training for a group program.
Invite a client to your program.
Include a Benchmark in your training and track client performance over time.
Offer feedback and support based on client performance.

Set up your coaching brand and create a Storefront for your business.

Schedule one week of training for a group program.

Set up automated client payments.

Demonstrate how a client's progress has improved overtime as a result of your coaching.

Illustrate how you engage with your clients as they follow their program online.

Bespoke educational partnerships

We’ll do everything to make our software work for you. If you can see a benefit and have a specific use case in mind, just get in touch and we’ll work with you to find the best solution using the features already available in FITR.

Direct access to our support team

You won’t incur any additional admin by referring your students to use our product. We’ll support your students every step of the way and make sure they have everything they need to succeed. We’ll provide them with access to our guides, tutorials, resources and support team for the duration of their studies and beyond.

Our educational partners

University of Surrey

The University of Surrey uses FITR to provide programs for Post Op Cancer patients. Their students also have free access to our software during their studies so that the University can assess how they’re coaching their clients.


The Health & Fitness Institute has recently launched a specific Online Coaching course. FITR is used as a practical task during the course, allowing its students to set up a live example of their business page that they can continue to use once qualified.


HYROX has its own Affiliate Academy and, via FITR, HYROX is able to provide exclusive resources and program templates for their Affiliate use. This is a great benefit for HYROX Affiliates and also encourages the quality of training advice represented by the brand.

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Together, we can equip your students with the tools and technical know-how needed to succeed in the personal training industry. Whether it’s starting their own business or helping them add value to another coaching team or gym, get in touch using the form below to discover how we can support you and your students.

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