Learn about your clients through detailed analytics.

We’ll give you all the information needed about your clients so you can offer your best service as a PT. View snapshots of how your overall client base is performing, or view individual client analytics in more detail.

Find out how your clients are performing

And take targeted actions based on the data.

Completion rate

Performance statistic bars and symbols

We’ll show you how much of your programming is being completed, which days are being missed, or when clients don’t log their training. Completion rates help you understand if your training is engaging, or if there’s something you need to adjust.

Mood & Energy Levels

Clients can set their mood and energy levels for you to view and compare with their training performance. Adjust the date range to view their stats over a longer period of time, and take action based on what you’re seeing.

Fitr Client mood and energy tracker

Client lists

We automatically separate your clients into lists based on their current program status, and you can filter further based on the type of program they’re following. Use these lists to find specific or groups of clients whose performances you want to view.


A list of all clients currently active on one or more of your programs.


All clients who are currently trilliang any of your subscription based programs.


Clients who you’ve invited to a program, but haven’t accepted yet.

Past clients

View inactive clients, with the option to invite them to a new program.

Lifetime value

Find out how much each client has spent on your programming. Use this information to understand your core demographics, for future marketing efforts and more.

Status tags

We’ll automatically tag clients based on their current status, helping you to understand what actions you need to take next. 

Program Finished
Needs training
All good
Not started
Ending soon
Cancelled by client
Coach cancelled
Pending program sign up

Progress tracking

Clients can log their statistics for you to view, comment and monitor how they progress over time. Help them set new goals or adjust their training if they’re struggling to progress on certain aspects of their fitness goals. Clients log the following three performance stats:

Benchmark tracking
Body metric tracking
Challenges tracking
Body Metrics
List of benchmarks

Review & Build

Look back and forward in a single view.

We’ve created a powerful tool for reviewing client performances while building new Scheduling. Create new training while referring to past client performances. You can view their completion rate, leave feedback, attach files and more.

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