Remote Fitness Coaching Software

Designed by coaches for coaches. Create, sell, manage and grow your remote coaching business through our premium online coaching platform.


Why use Fitr Training?

Save time

Create and edit programming with ease. Monitor, train and chat with clients in one place.

Unlimited training

Create as many programs as you like for an unlimited amount of clients.

Client payments

Fitr Training takes care of your client billing and payments so you can focus on training.

Scale your business

Train more clients by automating your programming online.

Promote & sell

Sell your programs or promote your profile with a simple link or email invite.

Try for free

Pay nothing until you make your first sale. No credit card required, cancel anytime.

Who uses Fitr Training?


Work independently and want to coach clients remotely?

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Do you team up with other coaches to train as a brand?

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Are you running a gym and looking for remote solutions?

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What about your clients?

Client accounts are free and used to access your training programs, track their personal bests and connect with the community.

How does Fitr Training work?

We’ve built Fitr Training specifically for coaches, fitness brands, gyms and their clients. Here’s an overview of what our platform features empower you to do:

Create online fitness training programs

Flexible programming

Create fixed length or subscription based programming for individuals or groups - Allow clients to start training on day 1 of a program or join a rolling schedule on the day they sign up.

Engaging training schedules

Add sessions and workouts to days; add media, set rest days, copy, paste, move and build-up weeks of training in our intuitive calendar view.

Media & program libraries

Build up a library of saved programs, workouts, videos, images and docs to drop into your schedules and save time, or tap into our video library.

Access our library of workout videos to complement your programming
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Sell & promote your fitness training online

Customise your public page

Create a detailed page to showcase your coaching services, customise with FAQs, testimonials, media and more. Link to your individual program pages to create a seamless website-like experience.

Promote & sell programs online

Sharing links to your pages allow new and existing clients to purchase your training. Just like an online shop, they can click and pay to access your programming.

Automated client billing

With multi-currency support and foreign exchange, Fitr Training takes care of your client billing. We’ll transfer earnings to your bank each month.

Manage and grow your fitness business

Track, chat and interact with your clients. Join the online fitness platform designed for growth.

Unlimited coaching

Build a library of training programs to suit your needs. We don’t limit the number you can use, nor the numbers of clients you can have.

Client management

Get notified of client activity via our newsfeed. Update training, add feedback notes, chat and share 1:1 or in program communities. Set goals and view benchmarks to motivate and retain.

Grow your business

Use our dashboard to monitor performance, identify new training and remarket to existing clients. We’ll be busy building new features to support you 💪

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Pay nothing until you make your first sale.
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