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"Fitr Training is the most complete and user-friendly system that we’ve worked with or explored in more than 13 years of providing online training."
Cj Martin - Invictus Fitness, Inc.
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Customise your programming

Programming is the core part of every coaches’ business, and your clients will have different needs and expectations from their coach. Our powerful program builder gives you the flexibility to offer different types of training, customised to your clients needs. Upload your programming and share it with the world.

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Promote, sell, and bill without breaking a sweat.
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Sell your services from wherever you are

Remote coaches can attract new program followers at any time from anywhere in the world. As you upload your programming and reach more potential clients, it can be difficult to keep track of your payments. We’ll bill all of your clients automatically and help you keep up with your earnings.

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Stay on top of your clients and finances

Managing the day to day operations of your fitness business doesn’t need to happen across multiple apps or solutions. Use Fitr Training as your hub for program notifications, client messaging, staying on top of your financials, and keeping your business on track.

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Unlimited clients, programs and potential.
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Take over the online health & fitness world

Don’t limit yourself to the number of programs you can create or clients you can train; join the remote fitness platform that has been created by coaches to help other coaches grow.

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Kriger Training Testimonial Picture For Fitr Training

Kriger Training

Joakim Rygh & Kristin Holte

"We made the switch to Fitr Training a few months ago and we are very happy with how easy and customer friendly this program is. We are very excited to use Fitr Training to grow our business further."

Micky Smith Testimonial Picture For Fitr Training

Micky Smith

Co-owner of functional fitness EST 28.

“I wasn’t prepared for the popularity of the handstand program I uploaded to my Fitr Training account. My socials exploded with people raving about their progress and it’s given me the confidence to offer more remote programming”

Steven Fawcett Testimonial Picture For Fitr Training

Steven Fawcett

Owner of JST Compete

“I moved off our old system because I needed a website that took payments, synced to my athletes profiles, was clean, easy to use and reliable. The user interface is much more professional than the solution we were using before. Fitr Training ticked all the boxes and the client features add huge value to my business!”

Phil Hesketh Testimonial Picture For Fitr Training

Phil Hesketh

Owner of Prepared Programming

"Fitr Training is a great match for what I need. It's all been positive so far, especially how easy it is to create an account...It was between Sugar WOD and Fitr Training, but Fitr Training has way more features than Sugar WOD"

Emma McQuaid Testimonial Picture For Fitr Training

Emma McQuaid

Owner of Made by McQuaid

"I used social media to share the fact that I had designed a 12 week free body weight and although this initially didn’t generate income for me I quickly saw how popular it was and had over 500 people using it from across the world. In turn these individuals have started to sign up for my paid for programs and my online business and grown rapidly!"

Totus Fitness Testimonial Picture For Fitr Training

Totus Fitness

Swedish Remote Coaching Business

“TrueCoach lacks the proper functions to easily scale and sell general programs in a more automated fashion. Fitr Training is very well suited for that.”

Joshua Al-Chamaa Testimonial Picture For Fitr Training

Khan Porter

Owner of Sweat Therapy

“I made the switch to Fitr Training from WODIFY earlier this year. The back end is so simple and easy to use both from my computer and on my phone (which I often use to program on the go). The ability to communicate with clients through the platform is also fantastic and the customer support from the Fitr Training team is exceptional. I’m so glad to have switched over!”

Joshua Al-Chamaa Testimonial Picture For Fitr Training

Joshua Al-chamaa

Move | LA

“For me it was a no brainer going with Fitr Training. They’re the most thoughtful program building site that simplifies the process of putting your creations into good formats in a way your clients can follow and understand easily. The payment process for both athletes and coaches has been made easy and that alone allows you to focus on programming over time consuming admin.”

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Team Account

Create a team account to invite an unlimited number of coaches to join you in delivering your programming under a single identity, such as your brand name.





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Transaction Fee

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Free Trial

Create a Team

& Join Forces

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