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From purchasing your first program to following training and interacting with your PT, we’ve outlined the features you’ll benefit from as a result of following a personal trainer using FITR.

Signing up for programming

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

Getting started

Accessing your programming

After downloading and logging into the FITR Client App, your calendar will automatically populate with the programming your PT has published. How you follow and pay for ongoing programming varies slightly depending on the type of program you signed up for, if you’re unsure of which program type you are following please ask your personal trainer.

Custom Programs

Your coach controls how far in advance you can view your training, ranging from 1 to 30 days. This is an ongoing program type where you’ll be billed monthly for as long as you subscribe.

Fixed Length Programs

Your calendar will instantly populate with every session in the program. You can move training days around based on your own schedule and you’ll follow this program for a fixed length of time, meaning you only pay once.

Group Rolling Calendar

You’ll join the same schedule all other program followers are on, regardless of when you join. This means all clients are training from the same sessions at the same time. Your coach will control how far in advance you can view upcoming training, and you’ll be billed on a monthly basis.

Session 1, Day 1

You can control your own start date on the program schedule, which will populate with the first day of training. You can view sessions 7 days in advance, with the ability to rearrange training days as needed. You’ll subscribe to this type of program on an ongoing basis.

Automated billing

If you’re following a subscription based program and your PT is using FITR integrated payments, you’ll automatically be billed and invoiced each month.

Following your training

Using the Fitr Client App

Following your program is simple. Head to the calendar area and view your sessions for each day. You’ll see the training your PT has set for you, as well as any comments or videos they’ve left to help you. You can also search your workout history to review past performances and notes, plus add comments, questions or media for your personal trainer as you train.

Create your own programs

Add workouts and follow your own training

If you want to create your own program to follow, we’ve made it easy to do it directly in the app. Add workouts using the plus icon, and enter details about your training.

As you progress through your programming there are various app features and functions to enhance your training experience.
App Feature

Leaderboards & Challenges

If your personal trainer creates a Challenge or Daily Leaderboard, you can participate by recording your performance. You’ll be told what type of movement or exercise to follow as well as what metrics you need to log.

Your performance will feed into a central leaderboard where you can compare your results with other clients, as well as liking performances, attaching files or adding comments.

App Feature

Workout History

Using the Client App, you can search for previously logged workouts, exercises or benchmarks. Use this feature to view historical training notes and scores before switching back to the workout you're currently performing.

App Feature


You can add your personal benchmarks to receive individualised training when your programming includes a session that utilises this feature. The app will automatically calculate the weight, time, watts and other parameters you should aim for based on the benchmarks you entered.

What is a benchmark?

Upload information about your current skill level for specific movements, such as your 30 minute rowing distance or maximum deadlift weight. Once they're in our system, your programming can offer personalised training based on your stored stats. As you improve, keep your benchmarks updated and your training with automatically adjust to match.

App Feature

Performance tracking

As you progress through your programming, we’ll help you keep track of how you’re performing via key indicators. Enter the information directly into the app with any comments or media for you and your personal trainer to review in the future.


We’ll show you how your logged benchmark performances have changed over time as you progress. Track over 2,000 benchmarks that are loaded into our central library.

List of benchmarks

Body Metric

Enter Body Metrics such as blood pressure, BMI, chest, muscle mass % and more to gauge the physical progress you’re making through your online programming.

Challenge entries

As you compete in Challenges overtime, we’ll help you keep track of how recent performances measure up against your earlier entries.

App Feature

Mood and energy levels

On each calendar day, add information about your mood and energy levels for that day. You and your personal trainer can reference your performance against your levels to understand how they affect your training.

Messaging & notifications

Keep all messaging around your programming in one place. Speak directly to your PT to ask them questions or give them updates, and get involved with other members of your personal trainer's community to share tips, experiences and support.

If you receive any new messages or there’s an update you need to know about, we’ll send a push notification to your device.

Client experience of recieving an app notification in the FITR platform

Account management

Personalise your experience

Head to the profile section of the app to manage things personal to you. Whether you want to set a profile picture, update your display name, or change your password, the app gives you all of the control you need. You can also manage your billing settings, download invoices and view your followed programs via your profile.

Download the FITR Client App

Clients have their own dedicated app which is free to download and use. Available on iOS and Android, start downloading now using the buttons below. You’ll need to have a FITR Coach and purchase a program before doing so.