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Stop them in their tracks with a strong image or video.
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Add information about your personal training business to give your clients a snapshot of what to expect. Introduce yourself, add important information about your services, and help them understand your coaching style.
Don’t skip on the details.


“Testimonials help to show prospective clients why your programming is worth considering, and what you do well in the eyes of your other clients. Use them to show your credibility and make the sale.”
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Add Media.

 Include up to five images to feature on your storefront. Use this to showcase anything from community images to information about discount codes.


Make it clear why they should choose you.
Just like this...

FITR has the most powerful programming & scheduling options.

Trusted by coaches worldwide who have logged over 1 million workouts so far.

Clients automatically receive their payment after purchasing your program.

Custom URLs

Set a custom URL for your storefront and share this with new clients who want to learn more about your services and programs.

Include your custom URL on social channels, link websites, and anywhere else that helps with visibility.

Meet the Coaches

Show clients which coaches are involved in your programming and add links to the personal social profiles of each coach.

It doesn’t matter if you’re of a team of one or five, make sure your clients know who they’re signing up with.
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Social Media

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Link your social profiles directly into your storefront for clients to learn more.

Automatically showcase your programs

Your published programs will automatically appear on your storefront, giving clients a snapshot of all the programs you have on offer. Clients can click to learn more about each program via their program page, which provides more detailed information and details on how to purchase and sign up.
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Woman doing barbell overhead squat
Overhead Squat Strength Program - Phase 1
$50.00/ MONTH
cover photo
12 week boxing match prep
Person doing mountain climbers
$45.00/ MONTH
Reiss Beckford gymnastics cover photo
Pro Athletics program
$70.00/ Month
Marathon training cover photo
6 week marathon conditioner
Shoulder rehabilitation training cover photo
$160.00 / MONTH
Shoulder rehabilitation cover photo
Shoulder rehab program
$60.00/ Month
Rugby training cover photo
Get strong for Rugby
$50.00/ MONTH
Shoulder rehabilitation cover photo
Shoulder rehab program
$60.00/ Month
Bespoke strongman training by cover photo
Bespoke Strongman Program
$185.00/ Month
Hyrox training cover photo
$170.00/ MONTH
handstand training cover photo
Handstand progression program
$65.00/ Month
Deadlift training cover photo
Fit For Fire
$35.00/ Month


Add custom FAQs directly to your storefront.
Give new clients the answers they need without having to contact you.

What are Storefront FAQs?

They’re your chance to answer questions you know are common, helping clients to understand your programming before they sign up.

Why use FAQs?

They can help you convert new clients by ensuring they have the information they need to commit to your programming.

New client messaging

Your FAQs can’t cover everything.

Which is why users can send a message directly to your FITR inbox if they need more information before signing up.

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