Nutrition and meal planning software

For personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists
Build powerful nutrition plans
Add meal plans directly to a client’s calendar
Add supporting videos, files and images
Sell nutrition and meal planning online
Automatic calorie and macro calculations
Be part of the future of nutrition software
Nutrition Essentials
Maintenance - 3000 Cals
Diet Plan - 1700 Cals
Personalised Nutrition Plan
$75.00/ Month
Fad Free Fat Loss 8-week Plan
Bodybuilding 101
$140.00/ Month
6 Week Plan
$45.00/ MONTH
Nutrition Boot Camp
1-2-1 Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan
$120.00/ Month
Summer Shred Plan
Maintenance Plan
$35.00/ Month
Bodybuilding 101
$140.00/ Month

Online nutrition plans made easy

Whether you’re looking to insert nutritional advice into your existing fitness programs or you need to create a dedicated plan, FITR equips you with the tools to sell nutrition and meal planning online.

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Schedule nutrition, macro (macronutrient) targets and daily habits

Create daily nutrition and meal plans directly in your client's calendar. Each day they can log into the free Client App and view their meal plan, nutrition guidance or habit goals such as daily step count or drinking water. Clients can check off their meals or goals as they complete them throughout the day.

Personalised client nutrition

Automatically calculate and track macros and calories

Benchmarks can be used to adjust nutrition and meal planning automatically. Clients just need to input their unique numbers as a baseline and our software will automatically adjust them based on the percentages you set. As clients log their macros and calories we’ll automatically track their progress so you and your clients can monitor performance over time.

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Insert supporting files, videos and documents

Add video recordings, PDFs, images and supporting content directly into your nutritional programming. Enhance your meal plans whilst building a Media Library of helpful assets to use time and time again.

Use Title Media to share important information

Insert Title Media into your daily nutrition and meal plans to share further information and create a more visual experience. Add generic media or personalised imagery and videos per client.

One platform for nutrition and fitness coaching

FITR was built to provide a turnkey solution for anyone needing to build an online coaching business.

Whether you’re looking to provide dedicated nutritional coaching, or want to combine nutrition with fitness training - we’ve got you covered. With everything under one roof you’re only a click away from communicating with your clients, tracking their progress, marketing your business and more.

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Download our example program

Visit the FITR Storefront to experience a nutritional program as a client. The FITR Nutrition program is designed to demonstrate ideas for integrating nutrition and meal planning services into your programming.

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Nutrition coaches using Fitr

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The future of meal planning and nutrition software

We’re actively working towards being the go-to software for personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists who need to handle meal planning and nutrition for their clients. As we continue to develop, we want to know about everything and anything you’d like to see, no matter how big or small. Get in touch to help us shape the future of nutrition software.

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