Coach App

Keep up with your clients and improve the way you coach.

Our Coach App is designed to keep you connected with your clients on the move, a great add-on to the fully powered desktop web platform.


All of your clients in one app

Avoid the complications of using your personal messaging apps to manage your clients. Access your entire client list in one place and communicate with your individual clients privately or via entire program communities.


Dedicated to coaching

Manage your daily leaderboards and challenges on the move. Keep up to date in real time as your clients post their results. View and comment on individual performances or send a message to the entire leaderboard community to motivate your clients towards their goals.


Never miss a beat

Turn on push notifications and use the Coach App to stay on top of your business. If a client needs to get your attention or you need to bring someone in on the conversation, you’ll have instant access to messaging and leaderboards via the app.

Download the FITR Coach App

Are you a Client?

The dedicated Client App is available for download on iOS & Android.

Client App
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