Keep in touch with your clients wherever they are in the platform.
Profile photos in communication bubbles, sent media and emoji
Profile photos in communication bubbles, sent media and emoji

You’re only ever one click away from communicating with your clients. We’ve made remote training feel personal through 1-2-1 messaging, community chat, mentions, commenting and more. Speak to clients directly, or get involved as they progress through your training and log their performances in the Client App.

1-2-1 messaging

Chat directly to your clients using our built in messaging function, available on the desktop platform and Coach App.

Speak to clients about specific sessions, their training in general, and answer any questions they have.


Our mentions feature makes it easy to tag and notify specific clients throughout the platform using the @ function.

Mention clients on their Leaderboard entries and in community chats when you need to get their attention.

Community chat

Create community chats for each of your subscription based programs and interact with a large group of clients at the same time. All messages sent by coaches and clients in a community are visible to everyone else.

Tagging a client in a comment in the Fitr platformClient profile photos


Comment on client Leaderboard and Challenge entries and Progress Tracking results. Let clients know how they’re doing, add words of encouragement, or anything else to personalise their remote experience.

Bulk messaging

Send a bulk message to specific programs if you need to contact a group of clients at once.

Depending on your program type, you can adjust who receives the bulk message, such as trial users, unsubscribed clients, or active program followers. Clients will be notified when you send a bulk message, and if they respond, we’ll automatically create a 1-2-1 conversation with them.

Video guidance

While you communicate across our platform, attach videos and media to support the conversations you’re having with clients. Insert media directly from your stored Media Library, or use our 500+ movement videos to help you.

Program welcome message

Set a welcome message that new clients will receive when they sign up to any of your programs. Use this as your first opportunity to introduce yourself and start a connection with your new clients.

Team communication

Leave Coach Notes on your programming.

Save Coach Notes on any program schedule to share important information about clients or programming with other coaches in your team. Only visible to coaches, they can be viewed directly in the schedule when programming.

Notes are limited on STARTER plans, for full access you’ll need PRO or UNLIMITED.

Review & Build

Look back and forward in a single view.

Our Review and Build feature allows you to schedule future training while reviewing client performances. While in this view, attach media such as photos or videos, and leave comments for clients to view in their own schedule.

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