Daily Leaderboards & Challenges

Encouraging healthy competition.

Create one-off scored workouts or ongoing challenges for your client base. We’ll create real-time leaderboards where clients can log and compare their results against your other clients.

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Daily Leaderboards

Add one-off scored workouts into a single program on any given day. Clients following the program can upload their performance and see how they stack up against the competition.

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Create Challenges for all of your clients across multiple programs. Your central challenge leaderboard will automatically update in real time as clients submit new entries.

Daily Leaderboard program icon
Exclusively for clients following the same program.
Daily Leaderboard scoring icon
Clients add their score and view their rank on a one-off leaderboard.
Daily Leaderboard one-off session icon
Results are automatically weighted for scaled workouts.
Blue Fitr Challenges linking icon
A one-off leaderboard for a specific training day.
Daily Leaderboard scaled scoring icon
Link a Daily Leaderboard into any workout in your program’s schedule.
Daily Leaderboard Community feedback icon
Clients can like, comment and interact with each other on the leaderboard.
Fitr Challenges multiple programs icon
Available to all clients across all published programs.
Fitr Challenges scoring icon
Clients add their score and view their rank on an ongoing leaderboard.
Fitr Challenges comparison icon
Challenges are fixed so all clients have a direct comparison with each other.
Fitr Challenges Ongoing sessions icon
An ongoing leaderboard that can be reused over time.
Fitr Challenges linking icon
Create your own Challenges or choose from our library of 800+ Challenges.
Challenge Community feedback icon
Clients can like, comment and interact with each other on the leaderboard.

Why use Daily Leaderboards & Challenges?

Create social interaction between your clients, adding that personal touch to online personal training.

Encourage competition around specific movements or goals you want your clients to reach.

Add something extra on top of your day-to-day programming to improve the client experience.

Use Daily Leaderboards and Challenges on your social profiles to promote your coaching business.

Give your clients another reason to interact and stay active on their programming.

Daily Leaderboards & Challenges for clients

Daily Leaderboards

Clients can view and enter their Daily Leaderboard results directly from the training part it relates to. They can compare their logged performance for that day against other program followers. Daily Leaderboards are intended as a one-off competition, so there’s no ongoing tracking.


Clients can view their Challenges directly from the navigation in the Client App. Logged Challenge entries will be saved, and clients can view and compare their results over a longer period of time. View all Challenge entries your clients have logged and leave comments on individual entries.

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