Progress Tracking

Track how clients are progressing for key metrics over time.
Automatic tracking for each individual client.
Visual representation of progress over time.
View, comment and interact with entries.
Monitor progress and adapt client training.
Insert tracking features directly into client schedules.
Represent the impact of your training through statistics.
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Track Benchmarks, Body Metrics and Challenge entries as your clients log them. Comment on their performances and monitor how they progress over time. Understand what impact your training is having and help them set new goals based on past statistics.


Insert Benchmarks into your scheduling and we’ll automatically personalise training to each client. Review long-term client benchmarks to see how they’re progressing.

Body Metrics

Clients who add their body metrics in the Client App can update their information as it changes. We’ll help them keep a log of the changes to show the effect of your training.

bodymetric tracking list


Create Challenges for your clients to complete time and time again. Entries are saved so that you and your clients can monitor their progress against a specific Challenge.

Tracking Challenges snippet

Why is progress tracking important?

Whether your offering fully remote training or a hybrid mix of in-person and online, demonstrating the impact your training is having is key. It helps clients to visually see their progress and motivates them to continue training with you.

Fitr progress tracking on Android

Progress tracking for clients

Clients can track their progress directly in the app and attach media or leave comments for you to review.

Client App

Workout History

Within the Client App, your clients can search for previously logged workouts, exercises or benchmarks. They can view historical training notes and scores before switching back to the workout they are currently performing.

As a coach you can search historical Benchmarks, Challenges, specific exercises or by custom text within a program's training schedule. After searching, you'll be able to instantly see who completed the training sessions, any notes they left and if any clients missed those sessions.

Client Workout history feature on the Fitr Client App

Review & Build

Look back and forward in a single view.

Our Review & Build feature allows you to schedule training while reviewing client performance in a single view. Filter your view to understand which clients are completing your training and which might need extra support reaching their goals.

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