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Stripe analytics

Our Integrated Payments solution uses Stripe, which gives you access to advanced financial analytics. Harness this power to analyse your earnings and proactively drive your business forward. View detailed sales summaries, information about specific clients, and financial reports directly in your Stripe dashboard.


View a list of all transactions with information on the status of each payment.


Monitor how many active client subscriptions you have, upcoming payments, and any overdue accounts.

Client data

Access detailed information about your clients, such as life time value, refunds and more.

Program sales

Get information about your sales, broken down per program, and understand which are bringing you in the most income.

Free trials

View how many clients are currently on free trials. Use this information to nurture your leads to help secure the sale.


Get information about your coupons, such as how many have been redeemed.


Stripe Tax will calculate, collect, and report tax on your client payments. Automatically collect the right amount of tax and access the reports you need to file returns.

Business finances

Use Stripe reporting to manage business finances and cash flow.

Invoices & receipts

Download sales invoices and receipts from Stripe, or export more detailed CSV files.

Cancellations & refunds

Cancel client subscriptions and offer part or full refunds.


Connect Stripe to your accounting software and other supported apps.

Export client lists

Export client data to download names and email addresses to store and use elsewhere.

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