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Add custom branding in a few simple steps to harness the power of Fitr using your own unique identity.
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Your brand.
Our elite coaching software.

Our off-the-shelf White Label solution allows you to easily customise the FITR web platform and native iOS and Android apps with your brand colours and logo.

Whether you’re just starting out, or an established brand with a large client-base, our White Label solution is the most accessible on the market to make your business, look the business.

White Label customisation

Your logo, front and centre.

Web Customisation

Header logo

Upload your logo to display it in the header section of the client web portal and program checkout screens.

App Customisation

App icon

Upload your logo to allow your client to select it as the app icon on their home screen.

Fitr White Label Fitness App customisation screen
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More colour control than any other platform

Instantly Change colours yourself, whenever you want.
Colour wheel
Web Customisation

Web colour theme

Set primary, secondary and system text colours to suit your brand. Select from a colour wheel or perfectly match your brand with RGBA/HEX codes and more.

App Customisation

App colour theme

Control which colours are shown in dark and light mode when your clients use the app. Select custom colours for primary and secondary areas, backgrounds, and primary and secondary text.

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Custom branded URL

Create a custom web address and brand your clients' experience at every step of the way. From their very first click to purchasing or renewing their subscription.


Bypass the Fitr storefront and Use your own purchase buttons

Generate purchase links to use anywhere

White Label gives you the option to generate direct purchase links, allowing you to bypass the FITR Storefront and Program pages. Use these links to direct your clients straight to your branded checkout screen. Perfect if you already have a website or use other tools to promote your programming.

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Benefits of White Label with Fitr

Our White Label feature has something to offer everyone, from new personal trainers to established brands that have considered developing their own solution. Here’s why White Label is the right choice for your business.

Look professional

Having a branded URL, colours and imagery will show your clients that you’re a serious business.

Grow your brand

Existing and prospective clients will be exposed to your branding, increasing awareness.

Focus on coaching

Leave the cost and time associated with developing software to us while you focus on growing your personal training business.

No upkeep required

We manage everything from maintenance to bug fixing and compliance so you don’t have to.

Save time

Make changes in real-time, without having to code anything. We’ve given you total flexibility over when and how you make branding updates.

Save money

Developing your own software is expensive, and may take a long time to get right. Use the power of our system for a fraction of the cost.

Get started instantly

Easily upgrade to White Label and update your branding in minutes. Just select the option while being on an UNLIMITED subscription.

New features

Your custom branded app can continue to benefit from the new features we release with input from our coach and client communities.

White Label FAQS

What is web customisation?

You can change the look and feel of your Storefront, Program pages, and transactional pages your clients visit. They'll visit these pages on the web platform when buying programs and managing their account and billing.

What is app customisation?

This is the native Apple iOS and Android apps your clients download to follow their training. They still need to download the FITR Client app, but once logged into your program they will see your custom branding.

Will I be able to try White Label for free before purchasing?

Yes, White Label is included as part of our 14 day free trial to UNLIMITED features. If, at the end of your trial you choose not to upgrade, any White Label customisations you've made will revert back to FITR branding.

Do I need a new account, or can I upgrade to White Label using my existing one?

You can upgrade your existing account to access White Label with a click of a button. You'll then be able to customise the platform with your branding as you wish!


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Need an enterprise solution?

If you’re looking for a fully bespoke software solution and your own standalone native iOS and Android apps, FITR can power your business. Email us with more information about your specific requirements and budget, then we’ll be in touch to discuss.

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White label pricing

When White Label launches you'll be able to trial it free for a limited time. To add White Label to your account, you’ll need to be on our PRO plan or higher. See our pricing below for more information.



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