Create powerful online programming for your clients.

FITR takes the hassle out of program creation and ongoing management. Choose from flexible programming options suited to different styles, create your schedule, and enhance your programming with media and community features.

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HYROX Training Plan
$170.00/ Month
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Pro Athletics program
$70.00/ Month
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12 week boxing match prep
Bespoke strongman training by cover photo
Bespoke Strongman Program
$185.00/ Month
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6 week marathon conditioner
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$45.00/ Month

Program Types

Program for individuals and groups on a one-off or ongoing basis.

When you create a program, you’ll need to choose between four unique program types, each geared towards different ways of coaching. You have access to all program types at all times. 

Schedule builder

Create winning program schedules with ease.

Save time creating program schedules using our powerful builder.

Schedule Builder

Personal Records

Automate personalised training.

We’ve built a library of over 2,500+ Personal Records to insert into your programming. Whether you’re coaching 5 or 500 clients on a single program, every one will receive personalised training based on their individual metrics.

Profile photos of clients
Personal Records

Daily Leaderboards & Challenges

Real-time leaderboards for clients to log their scores and interact with each other.

Enhance your programming with Leaderboards and Challenges. Clients can participate in ongoing or one-off competitions, track their progress, and interact with each other on real-time leaderboards.

Daily Leaderboards & Challenges


For personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists.

Create daily nutrition and meal plans directly in your client's calendar. Sell dedicated nutritional coaching or seamlessly insert nutrition advice into your fitness programs.


Media Library

Create a library of media assets to support your programming.

Every personal trainer has a personal Media Library they can populate with photos, videos, docs and more to support their programming. Easily insert and share anything in your media while scheduling and interacting with clients. We’ve also created 1,000+ FREE movement videos for you to use alongside your own content.

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Exclusive Training Resources
Fitr is the official Personal Training software for HYROX Affiliates

With FITR, affiliated HYROX Trainers and Gyms get access to program templates, movement videos and other resources provided by HYROX to use and sell in their own programming.

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hear it from our coaches

One of the best features for me as a coach is to be able to track their Personal Records and prescribe training load based on their own performance level. Absolutely game changing for the remote training world 🔥

Poppy Marsh
Poppy Fit Coaching

FITR enables me to create extremely personalised programs whilst keeping efficiency in mind. The Personal Records they have created are a coaches dream!!

Joe Corrie
Joe Corrie Coaching

Have been using FITR for a few months now and it’s the best move I’ve made for my programming!

Streat Hoerner

Personalised percentages are awesome. Calculating in the gym or switching backwards and forwards between pages is gone.

Mat Fraser
HWPO Training

The Ferrari of programming software.

Tom Bliss
The Ultimate You

We use FITR to deliver all of our programs to our athletes.

Phil Hesketh
Prepared Programming

FITR has been amazing for helping me launch and sell online programmes. It's so easy to use both as a coach and as a user.

Reggie Fasa

If you're providing online training then this is the app for you!

Phillip Stucki
Proving Grounds Training

I wasn’t prepared for the popularity of the program I uploaded to FITR. It’s given me the confidence to offer more remote programming.

Michael Smith
Functional fitness EST 28.

We're now able to launch new programs more efficiently which ultimately allows us to reach and help more people

Jared Graybeal
Underdog Athletics

FITR makes running a business and providing online programming easy and it saves so much time.

Emma McQuaid
Daily Grind

We’re proud to work with the best in the game. For online programming, that meant choosing FITR.

Dale Beech

Excellent support and great tool for writing training plans!

Christoph Rodenbach
Luke Fit

The move to FITR has been a game changer for our online programming, and we’d recommend them to anyone in the fitness industry.

Andrew Manteit
Turf Games

Features such as templates and Personal Records are really handy - FITR has added a load more strongman Personal Records for us too!

Shane Jerman
MST Systems
Powering PT'S with 1 to 15k+ clients
HWPO Training
Josh Bridges
The Athlete Program
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The Ultimate You
Turf Games
JST Compete
Underdogs Athletics
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