Schedule Builder

The most powerful training schedule builder.
Easily build scheduling in a calendar view.
Copy and paste or add templates to save time.
Insert media such as movement videos.
Review client performance while building scheduling.
Insert Benchmarks, Leaderboards and Challenges.
Client's receive training in their timezone.
Simple and intuitive schedule view for your clients.

Online fitness scheduling made easy

Our schedule building feature gives you everything you need to create training days, add information about workouts, and schedule training for all clients following the same program. It’s packed full of functionality to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Create Training Parts

Add program training into the calendar view. Client schedules will automatically update as you publish new training parts.

Cut, copy & paste.

Cut, copy and paste training parts from one day to another.

Drag & drop

Drag and drop elements in your scheduler to different days.


Create templates of individual parts, days or weeks to speed up repetitive scheduling. Use our pre-loaded templates to get started.

Title Media

Title Media allows you to make any media the focus of a training part in your client’s schedule. Great for video introductions and to provide your clients with a more visual experience.

Attach files, notes & media

Show your clients how it’s done.

Level up your programming using videos, images, and documents from your personal Media Library or our collection of 500+ movement videos. Easily drop files directly into the scheduling view.

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Review and build search function snippet - powered by Fitr

Workout history

Search historical Benchmarks, Challenges, specific exercises, client names or by custom text within a program's training schedule. After searching, you'll be able to instantly see who completed the training sessions, any notes they left and if any clients missed those sessions.

Coach Notes

Save private notes for you and your coaching team.

Enhance your programming by saving notes for future reference, all in one platform. This feature lets you and your coaching team document key information such as injuries, equipment requirements, workout ideas and more. Easily add these notes to any individual or group program schedule, ensuring that you have all the necessary details at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Notes are limited on STARTER plans, for full access you’ll need PRO or UNLIMITED.


Select from 2,000 benchmarks in our central library to offer your clients personalised sessions based on their individual records, regardless of how many clients are on the same program. Adjust for percentages, split times, watts, reps and more.

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Leaderboards & Challenges

Create challenges and daily leaderboards for your clients to compete, compare and interact with each other on specific days or over a longer period of time. Create leaderboards and challenges for individual programs, or your entire client base.

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Client scheduling made easy

Client rescheduling

Scheduling that works for you and your clients

With the click of a button, clients can move their programming back to previous days, or you can do it for them. Perfect if they've missed training and need to get back on track.

Non training Days

It's not all about the training

If your client has no training scheduled, we'll feature a default rest day message - but you can also add in blocks for rest, recovery, nutrition and more.

Review & Build

Look back and forward in a single view.

Review client performances directly in the schedule view while you build improved programming. Leave feedback, copy training parts or days, view group activity, and filter which information is on show.

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