Program Pages

Showcase and market your programs with a dedicated product-like page.
Create a dedicated page for each of your programs that offers everything your clients need to sign up and start training. Add information such as the experience level, frequency of training, the price, who the personal trainer is, direct purchase links and more. Share your program page across your digital channels and market your programs directly to potential clients.

Program cover media

Capture your program with an image.

Program name and overview.

 Summarise what your program is about by setting a descriptive name and adding information to your program overview.

Functional Fitness Program

Set your price.

 When selling through our system, set the one-off or monthly program price.
$80.00/ Month
(You can always adjust your pricing later)
Program page enegry

Required experience.

 Give clients an indication on whether your program is suited to them.

Custom URL.

 Set a custom URL for your program. Share this with clients directly, add it to your social channels, websites, and anywhere else.

Training frequency.

 Detail the length of each session, how many there are per day, and how often they’ll be training per week.
Daily training time
60 Mins
Days per week
5 Days
Sessions per day
1 Session


Attach files Icon
Attach images to your program, such as information on discount codes or shots of the training they’ll be following.


Display the coaches involved with creating and managing your program. Add short bios and links to their social media.
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Program visibility

You have complete control over who can sign up and view your programs. Make them publicly available, block new sign ups, or completely hide your program.
Presell your programming on Fitr


Schedule a launch date for training to begin and generate sign ups in advance.

Clients can pre-register and enter card details but won’t be charged until the day your training begins. Great for generating hype around a program launch.

Pre-sell is available on Session 1, Day 1 and Group Rolling Calendar program types.

Program overview page

All your programs in one place.
Hyrox training cover photo
HYROX Training Plan
$170.00/ Month
Reiss Beckford gymnastics cover photo
Pro Athletics program
$70.00/ Month
cover photo
12 week boxing match prep
Bespoke strongman training by cover photo
Bespoke Strongman Program
$185.00/ Month
Marathon training cover photo
6 week marathon conditioner
Person doing mountain climbers
$45.00/ Month

The program overview page displays all of your visible, active programs. Share this with clients so they can easily compare all of your programs in a single view and don’t need the additional information shown in your Storefront.

Automatic payments

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Using our integrated payments feature, clients can sign up directly from the program page. We’ll automatically deliver programming to them based on the schedule you created.


Coupons, trials & teasers

Utilise our coupons, trials and teasers to help convert new clients into program followers.

Promo Code


After clients sign up to your programs, we’ll automatically deliver training in their timezone based on the program schedule. The schedule builder is where you’ll create training parts, set when your clients train, attach supporting media and more.

Schedule Builder

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