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Power up your programming with supporting media using your very own library.
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Upload and grow your library

Every PT gets their own media library they can use to store the files they need while creating programs, scheduling training days, and supporting clients. Upload as many files as you need, and over time you’ll have a powerful range of assets a your disposal.

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Full document support

We support files of all types, such as PDFS, Docs, Sheets, Images, Videos and more. Upload your files and we'll process them in the background so you can carry on with what you were doing.

Store files up to


We’ve given you up to 500mb file size for every file you add to your library.

Bulk upload

If you have a lot of assets when you join us, or you’ve just finished a shoot; our bulk upload function saves you time.

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Embed YouTube videos

Add YouTube video links and our platform will automatically make that video available for you to use in your programming.

Access 500+

free movement videos

We have a media library of 500+ movement videos (and growing) that you can use to supplement your planning alongside your own assets.

Guide your clients with media

Show them how it's done.

Using your saved media and our library, you can provide additional support to your clients. Whether that’s a video to help their form, a motivational speech, or a picture of the equipment they’re looking for; media makes it easier to help your clients remotely.

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