Client App

Follow your training and keep in touch with your PT on the move.

Client App available on mobile for iOS & Android.
Download FITR using the links above.


Programming in your pocket.

Our Client App arms you with all of the platform tools needed to follow your programming and keep up with your PT remotely. Add notes, upload media, leave feedback, set mood and energy levels.

Train from anywhere with your coach by your side.


What’s up, coach?

Talk to your coach and communities in the same app you’re training from. Send direct messages, @mention other users, and respond to coach comments that are directly in your calendar. Need help from your coach in the middle of a workout? Get their attention using the app.


Set the score.

If your PT sets scored workouts in your programming, easily add scores while you train. Compare your performance against other program followers via a live leaderboard and engage with other community members by commenting on their scores.

(Left to right on the Fitr Client App) Entering performance details.  Daily leaderboard

Manage your training days.

Reschedule training in your calendar with a push of a button. Whether you’ve been on holiday or had other commitments, you can move your program back to any day you’d like. Your calendar also highlights when your sessions are and which ones you’ve completed.



Track your progress over time by logging results for Body Metrics, Challenge Entries and Personal Records in the app as you train. Both you and your coach can comment and attach media to individual entries, helping your coach support you to reach your goals. Use the Client App to access your history of tracked entries and view logged results on charts.

Workout History

View past performance as you train

You can quickly search for any previous workouts, exercises or Personal Records that you have logged before within the app. View historical training notes and scores before switching back to the workout you are currently performing to challenge yourself to keep improving over time.

Personal Programs

YOUR very own workouts.

Create your own program directly in the app, and easily add workouts to follow. Add titles and descriptions to make it easy to follow your training when you’re in the gym or working out.

Download the FITR Client App

hear it from our coaches...

Our clients prefer the layout on the app compared to the last software we used. It’s been a game changer for us, I wish we found FITR sooner.

Shane Jerman
MST Systems

They’re the most thoughtful program builder that simplifies the process of putting programs into good formats for clients to follow and understand.

Joshua Al-Chamaa
Move | LA

It’s easy for clients to follow their programming from their phone in any setting.

David Cooper

Are you a coach?

Keep up with your clients using the FITR Coach App.

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