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Notification feed

FITR compiles everything you need to know in an easily digestible view. Browse notifications by their category or work through everything in a single list.


View client performances that require your review.


Any outstanding invites that you’ve sent to your clients.


Client and program warnings, such as outstanding programming required.


A list of all financial notifications such as new program followers, or a client cancelling their subscription.


See updates relating to all your leaderboards, such as when someone tags you in a comment.

Email summaries

Opt in to receive summaries directly to your email. Fully control your preferences and see only what you want to see.

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Daily Summary

Every day, we’ll send you a summary of any notifications that need your attention.

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Financial Emails

We’ll send you an email every time there’s financial activity, such as new program subscriptions.

New client feed

We automatically create a filtered list of new clients and send a notification to your inbox.

Use this to see who’s new to your programming and received your program welcome message, learn more about them, and send a personalised message as their new coach.

Notification control

Control which notifications appear in your feed with the options to mute specific programs and clients.

If you’re managing a large client base or you’re being hassled by a free giveaway, adjust your notifications so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

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