Fixed length

Create standalone programs with fixed durations. 
Create your program schedule in advance.
Clients pay a one-off cost to access your program.
Programs have a set start and end period.
Sell an unlimited number of times to unlimited clients.
No ongoing schedule building is required.
Go back and update the program when needed.
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8 week strength program
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6 week marathon conditioner
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12 week boxing match prep
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Postpartum Recovery

How do fixed length programs work?

Fixed length programs are designed for programs that have a specific goal, follow a set training schedule, and only need purchasing once. We’ve equipped you with everything you need to create a fixed length program your clients will love.

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Is fixed length Programming right for you?

Multiple clients per program
Manage one schedule for all clients
Week 1 > Progressive calendar
Clients start from the beginning
Training built in advance
Fixed duration
One-off download
One to Many

Create a detailed program page

Program pages are a place for you to offer a snapshot into your program for any clients to view. Add details such as the price, difficulty, what the program is for, daily training time and more.

Program Pages

Build training days and set the schedule

After finalising your program page, create your training and set the schedule of your fixed length program. Add all the information your clients need to follow your program, and set the start and end dates directly in a calendar view.

Schedule Builder

Start selling online

Use our integrated payments features to sell your programs directly from the platform and unlock additional marketing features.

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Invite clients to purchase

Share a customised URL or invite clients by entering their email address. When they visit your program page and purchase, we’ll automatically deliver their training to them, giving them instant access.

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Market your programming

Promote your program page to attract new clients. Utilise our built-in marketing features such as discount codes and trials to help you sell your programs.

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Fully integrated payments

Automatically bill clients and receive the earnings directly in your bank account without having to chase payments.

Create your own Fixed Length program

Start your trial
14 days FREE UNLIMITED access.
No credit card required, cancel anytime.

Download our Fixed Length Program guide

Check out our step-by-step PDF guide that shows you how easy it is to create a Fixed Length program on FITR.

Program Guide

Learn about our other program types

Along with fixed length programming we've created three additional program types, each geared toward a specific type of personal training. You have access to all programs at all times, and you can mix and match which you use for your online personal training business.


Offer bespoke programming to individuals on a monthly subscription.

Learn more

Group rolling calendar

A program for multiple clients to follow at the same time, charged monthly.

Learn more

Session 1, day 1

A single program where all clients start from the first day and pay monthly.

Learn more
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