With specific Physiotherapy Benchmarks already in the system, Fitr is perfectly set up to suit Physios at an individual and larger business level. Learn how Fitr helps busy Physios save time, monitor client form and track client progress and rehab.

Why is Fitr a great choice for Physios?

Whether you are a physiotherapist for sports clubs or individuals, Fitr effectively supports your physio business remotely and in person.

Fitr provides a platform to support physios to diagnose, prescribe and monitor rehab programmes for individuals worldwide.

With Fitr, you can manage individual scheduling, which is perfect for clients with different injuries and severities. Physios can diagnose via communication and media sharing features, and automatically track client performance over time to monitor progress using Benchmarks. It's simple to share and comment on media to keep track of your client’s form, there’s no need for WhatsApp here.

Custom Programming

Create a single 1-2-1 program and sell to an unlimited number of clients while retaining control over individual training schedules.

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Auto personalisation

Use our extensive Benchmark library to personalise each session based on your client’s metrics.

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Data-led training

Utilise client analytics to make informed decisions about their future training.

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Integrated payments

Automatically bill clients on a recurring basis and receive the earnings directly into your bank account.

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Chat with clients

Speak to clients on a 1-2-1 basis within the platform.

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Free Client App

Clients have a free dedicated Client App to make it easy for them to follow your training, log their performances and keep in touch.

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Promotional webpages

Create Program and Storefront pages with all the information clients need to learn and buy online.

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White Label

Make Fitr look and feel like your own platform using White Label to add your branding.

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Video library

Access over 500 free movement videos or upload your own to enhance your programming.

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Physios using Fitr

Which program types are suitable for Physios?

All Fitr program types are suitable for Physios. Each offers a unique way to deliver your programming, whether it’s a one-off stretching program download, bespoke 1-2-1 rehabilitation program or larger club-based injury prevention.

Custom 1-2-1

Reduce admin by inviting all clients to join the same rehabilitation program, but coach individual clients personally in their own calendars. 

Multiple clients per program
Manage each independent client schedule
One to One
Real time Jan-Dec calendar
Clients join from the current day
Training built over time
Ongoing program
Subscription basis

Group Rolling Calendar

All clients follow the same program on the same day. Perfect for clubs or teams offering group based physio support, in-person or online.

Multiple clients per program
Manage one schedule for all
One to Many
Real time Jan-Dec calendar
Clients join from the current day
Training built over time
Ongoing program
Subscription basis

Session 1, Day 1

Ensure safe progression and rehabilitation for clients with common injuries, by starting them on day 1 of your program.

Multiple clients per program
Manage one schedule for all
One to Many
Week 1 > Progressive calendar
Clients start from the beginning
Training built over time
Ongoing program
Subscription basis

Fixed Length

Offer fixed length programs for smaller injuries or weaknesses, alongside training to prevent injury.

Multiple clients per program
Manage one schedule for all
One to Many
Week 1 > Progressive calendar
Clients start from the beginning
Training built in advance
Fixed duration
One-off download

Example Benchmarks for Physios

You’ll find multiple physiotherapy-specific Benchmarks already loaded in Fitr. Use them to automatically adjust training based on your client's individual records. Allowing you to offer personalised sessions for every client without manually calculating and updating yourself.

Calf Raise (Left Calf) Max Reps
Hamstring Bridge Max Reps (Unilateral Right Side)
Max strict hanging knee raises
8RM Lat Pulldown Wide Grip
Max Banded Pull Ups
10RM DB Seated Lateral Raises
9RM Pause Squat
Max Reps Incline Press Ups
Our central library contains over 2,000 Benchmarks to add to your training. If there are any you need that aren’t there, just let us know, and we’ll get them added.

Community Challenges

As the official remote coaching software for HYROX, Fitr helps affiliated HYROX Trainers & Gyms extend their community beyond HYROX events.

All HYROX divisions are pre-loaded and ready for you in the Fitr platform. Set them as Challenges for your clients so they can log their scores, interact with one another through comments, and track progress for each race over time.

Daily leaderboards & challenges

Automate your coaching business

Our technology automates time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on servicing your clients and growing your business. Just publish your program and our platform will handle the admin side of things.

Automatically sign up clients

For every program you publish, you’ll have a unique URL that you can share with your clients. Send it directly, or, add it to your socials, emails, website and anywhere else your clients might see. Clients can follow the link and sign up to your program, even when you’re not around.

Automatically deliver programming

When clients sign up for your program, they’ll automatically receive their training on the Fitr platform. They can start following their schedule straight away, without any manual intervention needed.

Automatically Get Paid

Connect to Stripe and all client payments will be automatically deposited into your bank account. We’ll bill new client subscribers and anyone who renews, meaning you’ll get paid without having to chase.

Automatically restrict training

If a client misses a payment, we’ll automatically stop them from accessing your program. When they come back and pay, their calendar will populate with your training again.

Training videos on the Fitr platform

White label
Fitness App

Your brand.
Our elite coaching software.

Add custom branding in a few simple steps to harness the power of Fitr using your own unique identity.

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Review & Build

Look back and forward in a single view.

Review client performances directly in the schedule view while you build improved programming. Leave feedback, copy training parts or days, view group activity, and filter which information is on show.

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