HWPO X WIT Community Event - London, UK

Last week, FITR joined WIT to welcome HWPO Training to London towards the end of their European Tour.


Sep 28, 2022

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Working Hard with Mat Fraser

On Thursday, the FITR team attended a community event organised by WIT HOUSE LDN. Matt O’Keefe introduced the full HWPO Training team and gave an insightful deep dive into the HWPO Mantra – Hard Work Pays Off. We were all asked to SHOW UP, WORK HARD and MAKE YOURSELF PROUD as Harry Palley took us through a warm up. We were then split into two groups. One group was to be coached up on the roof with Mat Fraser, the G.O.A.T himself. While the other group were coached by Jake Marconi before switching.

Industry event - the health & fitness landscape

Friday was a little different, focussing on bringing the best in the industry together to talk about investment and current pressing issues within the health and fitness landscape. Our CEO Leon Cassidy was joined on the panel by Matt O’Keefe and Mat Fraser from HWPO Training. The second discussion, which more closely followed the future of WIT and its current fundraising extravaganza, was held by Daniel Williams and Matt Brewster from WIT. 

Cassidy spoke about his lessons learned in fundraising for FITR and our exciting times ahead. Fraser and O’Keefe touched on their HWPO intentions to launch into other spaces in addition to Functional Fitness, where they are seeing new areas of growth.

Working out with Jay Younger

Following this event Cassidy and Head of Commercial at FITR, Tom Livings, were put through their paces in a EMOM Workout led by Jay Younger, S8 Love Islander, who currently utilises the FITR App for his online coaching business YNGR.

Building Fitness Communities

As an online coaching business, we love powering the technology behind great coaching like Mat Fraser’s HWPO Training - but we also know nothing beats that sense of real life community. FITR’s features lend themselves to fostering an environment that creates community between members whilst tracking progress, both inside and outside the gym. Group messaging can install motivation and leaderboards can introduce some healthy competition keeping you and your clients motivated.

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