Your Bi-Weekly Update (29 Oct 2018)

Welcome to your bi-weekly update on what's happening at FITR Training Head Office. In this update: Pricing structure, coach dashboard and more!


Oct 29, 2018

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What's New on FITR Training!

Let's take you through all the new features we've just launched on FITR Training.

Pricing Structure

We've made it much easier to understand how our pricing works. We thought this was worth an email in itself, so we'll be sending this out shortly. Please make sure you read this so you are 100% up to speed.

Your Coach Dashboard

We've totally re-developed this so it's much more useful to you. You can now easily dive into your business to see what type of plan is performing better than others, and within a specific type of plan, which plans are making you the most money!

FITR Coach Dashboard

Get into the detail

Dive into a type of plan, choose a time period, and you'll be able to see how you sales have built up over time. A peak in sales in June? Did you release a new plan then? Seems it hit the nail on the head!

For a specific time period, we'll show you a breakdown of the plans that made up those sales.

Track Earnings In FITR

Coming soon to your dashboard...

Over the next 2 weeks we're bringing in the ability for you to message your athletes directly from your dashboard. You can group message or stick to 1-2-1.

Want to message all the athletes that purchased a specific plan in August? No problem. Want to message all your athletes on Xmas day? Go for it!

Remarketing Via FITR

New Walkthroughs

There's a total of 5 walkthroughs now for coaches to get up to speed on FITR Training. Make sure you check these out when you log on via your laptop.

What's Coming Next?

As you know, we don't like to sit around twiddling our thumbs. We're working on the next round of updates that we'll push live in about 2 weeks.

Bespoke programming gets an upgrade

We'll be bringing all the fun copy & paste, drag & drop, cut etc that you can currently use when creating content on automated plans, into bespoke programming. We're then simply the most flexible content creator on the market!

Bespoke Programming with FITR


Once we get the upgrade to bespoke programming integrated, look out for the ability to copy and move content from any training plan or calendar into another one.

Created a week for Joe that would be great for Jane too? No worries, simply copy and move it across.


You ask, we deliver!

You asked to be able to create coupons for fixed plans to incentivise sales. Well, you'll be able to create your very own coupon codes in FITR Training and apply them to any plan you wish.

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