Your Bi-Weekly Update (Fri 28th Sept)

Welcome to your bi-weekly update on what's happening at FITR Training Head Office. On the odd occasion, if we've got something exciting to say, you may get a bonus update email. This week we focus on personal bests and bespoke coaching


Sep 28, 2018

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So what's new with FITR Training?

As with last week, we've got 2 really big updates to let you know about. We've also redesigned our log in pages, and some sections within the platform itself. But, let's go through the big additions now.

Get Tracking

If you're an athlete and creating your very own workouts wasn't enough for you, never fear, we've got another great update for you all.

How does the ability to track you very own list of personal bests sound to you?

Screenshot of FITR Personal Bests In

Yep, create anything you want to track and in any format. And it's free? Correct again! Wouldn't it be great if you could see your progress over time...

FITR Athlete Personal Bests

We've only gone and given that to you as well.

As with anything we're building, you can access and update your personal bests on any connected device. So what are you waiting for, get tracking! We'll be improving this area in the future too, so keep a look out.

100% Bespoke Coaching

We wouldn't want to leave you coaches out of anything, so we're delighted to announce that fully bespoke coaching plans are now available on FITR Training. So, now you've got 3 options that you can use in any combination you want.

Bespoke coaching with FITR.

You're now free to really customise how you want to deliver your content. Check out our other blog posts on how you can get started as an online personal trainer on FITR Training.

In a nutshell this new Bespoke plan type lets you sign up clients and drop fully bespoke content directly into their calendars. Each time you log back into their calendar, you'll also see where they've added their results so you can keep a check on how they're getting on, or give them a shove if they aren't submitting results.

Need to discuss something? No problem, head to the FITR Training in-house chat system where you can share feedback on your client's hard work.

Here's a very brief sneak preview of what you'll see. You can build content for your clients in exactly the same way as you would for the other two plan types on offer. Build training days up of as many sections of work as you like. Use text and video based sessions.

Athlete Calendar

What are those grey boxes? Well, there's no point throwing loads of training to your client if they've already got lots on. These little grey boxed will give you an indication of whether your client has any other training on the go at the same time. How do I access my client's calendar? No problem. Once you've signed someone up to a bespoke plan, head back to that plan, click on subscribers and you'll see a handy link to go to their calendar.

What's coming next?

Ok, so I know we said that a walkthrough guide was on its way, well we have to hold our hands up and it's going to take a little longer. But, while that's still being developed, remember we've got live chat which you can access wherever you are on the system, as well as a really handy help desk that will take you step by step through the most commonly asked questions.

You can access the help desk here -

We're keeping some of the other updates closer to our chest but improvements to content creation is on its way, enhanced chat offering, version control and creating a heavily improved dashboard so you can really see what's going on in your coach account.

As you can tell, we don't sit idle with what we've got, we're always looking to improve. Got any ideas? Feel free to let us know on Live Chat or email us at

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