Keeping Communication Flowing

From customised program welcome messages to ongoing group chats - we call them communities - we’ve got you covered.


May 19, 2020

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Isolation has meant we’ve all struggled to keep in touch, get to our gyms or just to throw a high five for some solid work. We can’t get you together in person but our new suite of features means you can keep that community spirit up in a remote setting.

From customised program welcome messages to ongoing group chats - we call them communities - we’ve got you covered.

Customised client welcome messages

Every training program that’s created can now have its own fully customisable welcome message. When a client joins, they’ll automatically receive this to their inbox, and we’ll let them know it’s there too.

It’s not just limited to text too, you can send videos, pictures and documents, it’s totally up to you.

  • Need your clients to sign a PAR Q once they join? Add it to the welcome message.
  • Want to add a video intro from the coach? Add it to the welcome message.
  • Want to give a downloadable PDF guide as part of the program? Add it to the welcome message.

In a remote setting it’s even more important to add value and add ‘touch points’ with clients. Use this feature to let clients know you care.

To customise a program’s welcome message, head into the program via main list and click into the ‘Settings’ tab. Here you’ll see all the things you can adjust, including the welcome message.

Getting some order to your messages

If you’re like us and you like everything neat and tidy, you’ll enjoy the new tabbed view in the Inbox. You’ll still have your ‘All’ tab but we’ve now split out the rest a little more.

- Messages: All of your 1:1 chats will sit in here.

- Communities: We’ll come to this one in a second.

- New: Any new client that’s joined a program will sit in here. This is so you can quickly see who your new clients are and send them an additional message to the automated welcome one they already received.

Communities - The Biggy!

So we call them communities, as that’s what you’ll be growing by using this new feature, but essentially you can now create group chats between the coach(es) and the clients following a program.

Communities can be created for every subscription based program. Think of this as a benefit to your clients in signing up on a monthly basis, rather than just a one-off, enhancing interaction between client and coach.

  • Updates to the program
  • Selling new programs with discount codes
  • Sharing news in video, text, PDF formats

What’s even better is that we’ll automatically manage who’s in them. A client joins the program, no problem we’ll add them in. A client (for some crazy reason) leaves the program, no worries, we’ll remove them from the community.

Gone are the days of managing separate private FB groups to keep your community going remotely. Forget the admin headache of making sure new clients are added and old ones removed, let us do the boring stuff for you!

How to launch a Community?

We don’t create them automatically for you, in case you don’t need them for a particular program, but they’re easy to launch.

Head into the program you want to create a community for from the main program list. At the top of the main page you’ll see a button called ‘Launch Community’. (See picture above)

That’s it. If you send a message into the community all your active clients will now receive it, be able to reply and be able to talk amongst themselves.

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