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Apr 3, 2020

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What's new?

As well as loads of smaller improvements across the system, and some behind the scenes work with Stripe, we’ve just released these new features for you to use.

The revamped coaches dashboard.

We’ve rebuilt the dashboard to be much more useful to you as a coach. You can now search by program and client name, filter by program type and client location and even check if a coupon was used by the client when purchasing the program.

There’s further options to you as a coach on each program sale. Click the … menu option and you’ll see the ability to download invoices, receipts and even now offer refunds to your clients.

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Need to batch download your sales history? No problem. Look out for the export to CSV button on the dashboard. This will give you a download of your sales history, as well as links to all your invoices.

Miss the graphs? Don’t worry, we’ve got them coming back better than ever! We wanted to get the nuts and bolts into the system so you can properly analyse your sales, refund clients where needed and download your invoices.


Now you can check when your payouts are expected into your bank account, and how much you’re going to receive.

Head to the ‘Payouts’ tab in your dashboard and we’ll show you the payouts you’ve already received and those on their way along with the expected date of arrival.

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‘Send Message to All’

We’ve now made it easier for you to send a direct message to each client currently on a program. This was previously only possible for your top performing programs.

Head to your program listing and look for the … menu next to the program in question. ‘Send Message to All’ will open a pop up to compose your message and add any supporting documents.

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‘Client Billing’

If you're a client reading this, or a coach, it’s worth noting that clients can now download their billing history, directly from their own accounts.

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The client will be able to download any applicable invoice and receipt for each purchase they’ve made.

In addition, we’ll show the client clearly if they've been refunded by a coach and the status of that refund. Used a coupon? We’ll show that too so a client can see what the full price was, the discount they got and the final price they paid (or zero if you’re lucky to have 100% off!).

‘Client Billing Information’

If a client needs to include their billing address on their invoices they can now also do this via the payment tab in their own account.

This will also let a client, where applicable, add any tax information they need, which will also appear on the invoices.

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That’s all for now but we’re pushing forward with some new really exciting features coming to the platform soon.


The FITR Training Team

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