Happy Christmas!

Happy holiday everyone. What better a day to give you some new gooddies to play with than Christmas day! Check out the new additions to FITR Training, and also a sneak peak at what we’re working on.


Dec 25, 2018

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Happy Christmas Everyone!

We hope you all enjoy today and Santa has been good to everyone!

We firstly want to say a big thanks yo you all for supporting FITR Training in its journey so far! We’re listening to everything you have to say and constantly striving to improve the system.

What better day than today to let you know about some presents we’ve built, ready for you to use right now!

Training Modules

Ever created a block of content, say 4 weeks, that you think is brilliant and will 100% use again. Well, now you can save content you’ve created anywhere in FITR Training, ready to use again and again whenever you need.

You can also use this to move content from one plan to another!

We call these blocks of content - Training Modules.

Access these via ‘My Workouts’ in the top banner.

You can create these modules from scratch as so:

Screenshot of FITR online fitness coaching platform

Or, you can save them from plans you’ve already built.

Head to where you’ve built the content and to:

Save single weeks (fixed/membership plans):

Screenshot of FITR online fitness coaching platform

Save multiple weeks (fixed/membership plans):

Screenshot of FITR online fitness coaching platform

Save single weeks (bespoke plans):

Screenshot of FITR online fitness coaching platform

Note: Saving multiple weeks from bespoke plans to a training module is coming soon.

How do I add them to my plans?

Look for the action button in the bottom left of your screen for fixed and membership plans. Click this and press insert module.

Screenshot of FITR online fitness coaching platform

For bespoke plans, when you’re in a client’s calendar, head here and select ‘insert Module’ from the list:

Screenshot of FITR online fitness coaching platform

Performance overview

We’ve revamped the calendar view for athletes and coaches alike.

Now you’ll see indicators where an athlete has entered performances, and where they’ve completed the full day, they get a big green tick in the top right corner.

As an athlete, you can now keep better track of where you’ve entered your performances, and where you still need to log your results.

As a coach, you can see from the calendar overview: 1. Where your athlete has added any performances and 2. If they’re logging all their results over time. Check out how it looks here:

Screenshot of FITR online fitness coaching platform

As always, everything you can see on your laptop works on the phone too!

We’ve brought chatting direct to the calendar!

Both coaches and athletes can start a message thread directly on a day’s work:

Screenshot of FITR online fitness coaching platform

Click on a day and as you know the right slider will open. Now you’ll see a new section at the bottom called comments. When a new comment is added, you’ll get notified in-platform and to your email - so you never miss a client trying to get in touch with you.

You can add text, pictures, videos and any other attachments in here!

Now you don’t just have to chat in our totally bespoke chat system, you can talk about specific performances directly on the calendar itself.

Reworked Helpdesk

As promised, we’ve made our helpdesk much easier to navigate. We’ve now separated out 3 categories depending on the type of coaching you want to do.

We’ve also built mobile guides rather than just laptop versions. You can access our helpdesk at any time here - https://intercom.help/fitr/en/

Screenshot of FITR online fitness coaching platform helpdesk

Smaller improvements

We’ve updated and improved some of the terminology around the platform. We won’t note it all here as there’s lots of little improvements. We’re still looking at the little improvements, such as making our icons clearer to understand. There will be further updates in the new year.

What are we working on?

My Athletes

We’ve designed up and are currently building a new design for your my athletes section. This will work much better on the phone, rather than having to scroll left and right.

We’ll also be making the buttons clearer so you know exactly where to go.

My Plans

This is a BIGGY! We’re totally reworking this area of the platform so it is much much easier to get to grips with how you use FITR Training plans. We’re introducing a step by step format that works for both laptop and mobile screens. Keep a look out for updates.

Wizard Setup

To fall in line with the new plans list format, we’re introducing a wizard type set up for every plan. What will this do? It will take you through a faster set up for whatever type of coaching you want to do, and allow you to get clients signed up via our link system, and email invite too.

We’ll be looking for testers of this, so we’ll be in touch in the new year!

So that's it! Have a great day and the rest of the holiday period. We'll be back in touch in the new year! Bring on 2019!!!

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