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Keep your community morale high turning a potential closure into an 'Isolation Workout' that could help your clients mental well being alongside maintaining their health.


Mar 16, 2020

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This is an unprecedented time as we all await daily/ hourly updates from the government on COVID-19 on how to stay safe and healthy.

The foreseeable months potentially could see closure of gyms and even before that gym membership dropping as clients start to remove themselves from close human interaction.

FITR Training’s remote coaching software can help keep your community morale high through free home workouts, talking directly to your clients using your inbox and using video links to maintain social interaction turning a potential 14 day closure into an ‘isolation workout’ could help your clients mental wellbeing alongside maintaining their health.

Follow these simple steps to create a free program for your clients to download.

1. Head to 'Programs'

2. Click 'Create new Program'

3. Click 'Let's Begin' on this option:

4. Click 'Set Pricing' and make sure you set it as free.

5. In Step 2 of the Program builder, build the training schedule as desired.

6. Follow the usual steps of publishing and sharing your Program to your clients.

Feel free to send out as many free programs to as many people as you like. As you know we don't charge per client, nor for the distribution of free programs. Let's all stick together at this time!

As part of the FITR Training community we hope that you and your clients manage to stay as healthy as possible over the coming months. Please, as usual, if you have any queries, drop us a line.

Take care and stay safe

The FITR Training Team

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