Your Fitr Training Update (Fri 23rd Nov)

Welcome to your update on what's happening at Fitr Training Head Office. On the odd occasion, if we've got something exciting to say, you may get a bonus update email. In this update we've got group messaging, coupons, my athletes page and more.


Nov 23, 2018

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So what's new with Fitr Training?

We haven’t spoken in awhile. We’ve been busy at work and have some big updates to let you know about.

Our New Website

We’ve launched our brand new website! Go check out the athlete page, one dedicated to brands and now we have a fully fledged features page to let you really get to grips with what Fitr Training can do.

Fitr's new website

Content creation gets an upgrade

Now it doesn’t matter what type of plan you’re in, you can create content in the same way, everywhere! Drag and drop, copy and paste, cut… We’ve simply got the best content creator around.

content creation


You can now create your very own discount codes to apply to your plans. At the moment you can apply them to fixed length plans, but we’ll be releasing it across any type of plan in the near future.

Coupons in Fitr

Group Messaging

You can now message your current client base directly from your dashboard.

Group messaging in fitr

Why would you do this?

Say you’ve got a group of people who bought an 8 week plan, 6 weeks ago and you’ve just created a new plan you think they’ll all be interested in? Or you want to get them over to a membership plan?

No problem. Head to your dashboard and filter by date and plan to get the group of clients you want to message. Press ‘send message to all’ and include the URL link of the plan you want to promote to them, as well as any other media or text. Instantly they’ll all get a message to their personal inboxes from you.

There’s no need for any emails or text messages. Target a specific audience of your clients in the dashboard and message them there and then!

Found an article that will really interest a specific group of your clients? No problem, use this feature to send it to all of them instantly too.

My Athletes

We’ve just released a brand new section called ‘My Athletes’ once you log in.

my athletes in fitr

Use this area to see what all your clients (athletes) are up to. For those athletes on bespoke plans, you can also add new content to their calendars directly from here! You can also go into view mode of a client’s calendar and see all the performances they’ve added from ANY plan of yours they’ve used.

Now you have the perfect place to manage your growing client base. Click on a name and see any active and non-active plans that person has downloaded from you.

My Athletes detail in Fitr

What's coming next?

New Walkthroughs

We’re in the process of totally redoing our walkthroughs. We’re making them much quicker and simpler to use! We’ll let you know when they’re ready!

Helpdesk Revamp

We’re going to update the FAQ listing to include video guides and mobile screenshots. We will add new guides for all the new features we’ve released, as well as some based on feedback.

You can still access the current helpdesk here -

Performance notes

When you press the ‘view calendar’ button on a client in the my athlete page, we’ll give you a better visual guide on where your client has added performances and when you open up a day, you’ll be able to add performance notes in the form of text, documents and media.

Your client will get a notification of this and you’ll be able to start a chat thread directly on the calendar itself.

Workout Library

We’re keeping this one close to our chest but let’s just say you’ve created a 4 week training block of content and you want to save it outside of any plan you’ve got? No problem at all...

Training videos on the Fitr platform

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