Your November 19 Coaching Update

Your November update on what's new to let personal trainers and coaches worldwide train clients even more easily on FITR Training


Dec 5, 2019

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Let’s jump straight in...

So it’s only been a couple of weeks since the last update so this will be shorter than a usual full month. 

We’ve launched a new update...

The first of a series of new updates has gone live. You’ll see how we’ve simplified the menu design, made interactive buttons clearer, totally revamped the program listing page and also changed the font we use throughout the platform to make it more modern and professional.

Let’s go through some of the updates.

Your program listing...

Has been given a redesign, making it much more concise, easy to use and easy to find the program you’re looking for.

Add media...

Directly from your media library. Until now you could only add your media into the system when you were programming sessions. 

Now you can add all your media straight into the library. Remember you can tag your media so that it appears as suggestions when your programming.

Simply add your media and press ‘edit media’ once it’s loaded. You’ll have the option to change the title and tag your media.

Copy programs and media...

From your coach account into a brand. You can also automatically see any media you’ve added in your coach account, in any brand you’re linked into. 

This is the first step in being able to use all your media and templates across any coach, brand or gym page your active in.

Quickfire smaller updates

Searching - Just got a little easier. We’ve introduced a search bar in chat to make it easier to find your clients.

Saving client performances - We’ve listened to feedback and have introduced a warning if there are unsaved performances, comments and added attachments. 

Multiple open accounts - We’ve had some feedback that the platform does funny things if you have multiple tabs open under the same log in. We’ve now introduced a warning if you’re working across multiple tabs. 

We’re working behind the scenes on a big feature that will mean you can work across multiple accounts, without the need to open multiple tabs. More info coming soon.

What’s coming next?

A new program detail area...

To make things a little less confusing, we’re creating a brand new area for each of your programs, where you can edit all the information you need to, as well as it being much clearer on how to update programming for your clients, and where to save.

Creating your Programs…

Is going to get even easier to use and understand. We’ve taken onboard your feedback, listened to the questions you had, and are currently designing improvements so that you can get up to speed even faster.

Further updates…

Are on their way, we’re just keeping them under wraps for now.

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