FITR Training helping to bring the gym home with BLK BOX

Bringing the gym home for FITR coaches with help from BLK BOX


Mar 24, 2020

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FITR Training helping to bring the gym home with BLK BOX.

We are continually trying to find ways to help your business in these unpredictable times. So we have teamed up with BLK BOX, a premium fitness design and equipment specialist, to give your clients a bespoke discount.

Earlier in the week we announced the option that you can send out free training programs to your clients at no cost to you or your client and this is an extension to that.

Home workouts without the use of any equipment are great for the short term, but may become limited. Access to a full scale gym at the time of writing this is still possible, but no one knows for how long.

However with the addition of a couple of small bits of kit, you can provide your clients with a more comprehensive program to follow.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with BLK BOX Fitness to offer anyone 10% off their orders. Head to and use code FITR10 at checkout. This code will not work on cardio equipment.

How can you showcase this in your programs?

The best way to let your clients know about this is to write out the equipment the client will need to follow the program in the main program description.

We’ve created a dummy program to show you the very basics on how it can be done.

Feel free to use the promotional code image in your own programs or public page. To do this, take a screenshot or drag the image to your desktop and upload it into your media library. You can then attach it to any of your programs or use it on your public page.

As clients preview the program, they’ll see the equipment they need with direct links, the code to get 10% off, and be up and running in no time.

You can also add links to your sessions as you build them, although this may be a little late to warn a client they need to have equipment for that session.

And finally

We hope that trying to make training remotely for clients as easy and effective as possible will in turn help you as coaches. We trust that this value added partnership with BLK BOX will help aid everyone training outside the box! 

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