Is software the future of personal training?

Learn about the rise of online personal training and how you can make sure you’re a part of that as a personal trainer.


Nov 30, 2023

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Is software the future of personal training?

I think we can all agree that in recent years, the world of personal training has seen a dramatic shift. With the world breaking a sweat adapting to the changing landscape of work and workout habits through the pandemic, personal trainers continue to  find new ways to connect with and motivate clients remotely. One of the key players in this personal training evolution is software, and FITR is at the forefront of this.

FITR: Changing the game

The rise of companies like FITR shows just how personal trainer software is reshaping the personal training industry. A personal trainer can utilise FITR to reach (and teach) clients across the globe, offering them a convenient and flexible way to access programs and expertise. It's not just personal trainers who are benefiting from this global reach; clients are finding it easier than ever to connect with skilled trainers who can meet their unique needs. 

Now you don’t have to sign up to eye-wateringly expensive gyms to access the best personal trainersin the game, you can simply find them online and get access to training quicker than ever before. With FITR’s White Label feature, which enables coaches to fully customise the app with their own logos and brand colours, clients feel a part of their personal trainer’s community. Gone are the days of Google Sheets and WhatsApp, FITR is your new premium workout partner who will never miss a session.

Unlimited client base

One of the most significant advantages of using virtual personal training software like FITR is the potential for personal trainers to earn a substantial income while enjoying the freedom to travel and explore the world. PTs are no longer limited to the geographical boundaries of a gym’s four walls, instead they can work with clients from different countries and time zones, unlocking new markets and broadening their horizons. Along with FITR’s Zapier integration, managing an online personal training business has never been easier.

Shifting fitness habits: From office to home to hybrid?

As touched on earlier, it’s old news that the pandemic accelerated the shift towards remote work, whether it’s from your WFH desk that has now seen better days, your favourite coffee shop that has since turned you into a coffee snob, or even your parents place (free lunch!); it's clear that many people are no longer commuting to the office five days a week. As a result, daily routines have changed, including exercise habits. With fewer people going to central gyms or offices, the traditional model of in-person personal training is evolving.

More and more individuals are now moving to a hybrid set up, with the gym next to your office not being the best solution anymore. All you have to do is just look at where the top Gyms are building their new sites. With Third Space Wimbledon opening soon and GymBox already stretching out to Ealing and Stratford. It comes as no surprise that once gyms reopened online programs and training hasn’t dropped off a cliff, and demand is definitely still there, with zone one gyms certainly being a little quieter.

“We are seeing more and more members take up multi club membership as it gives them more flexibility and value depending on where they are basing their days from” says Rory Mcentee, Gymbox’s Branding and Marketing Director. “And all members now get a free subscription to 100s of on-demand classes on Out the Box as part of their membership”. Some are concerned of the drawback of virtual training as it is perceived to reduce the opportunities for people to remain social and competitive. Or so you’d think… ENTER FITR.

Rory goes on to say “we now offer members even more choice, be it those working in the office or those who might still be working from home. We have a diversified model with central locations in the city, residential clubs and even a digital platform for those that want to work out from home.” 

Staying connected and competitive

Online personal training doesn't have to be a solitary experience. In fact with FITR, it can be an exciting and community-driven endeavour. FITR offers a range of features to keep clients motivated and connected, including group messaging functions, leaderboards and challenges, all within the app. With the opportunity for clients to attach videos within training plans to check form or to show progress. These features allow for seamless two-way communication between trainers and clients, fostering a sense of community and support. These tools not only help individuals stay competitive but also create a sense of togetherness among users. Whether you're participating in a challenge or cheering on your friends on a daily leaderboard, FITR is making sure that personal training remains a social and interactive experience.

Final thoughts on virtual training software

If you’ve sprinted through this blog you've probably figured out that the future of personal training is undoubtedly being shaped by online coaching, with hybrid training taking gold.

The ability to connect trainers and clients globally, the shift in fitness habits from the office to home to hybrid, and the sense of community and competition offered by virtual training platforms are transforming the fitness industry faster than you and I can do a burpee.

 So, if you're looking to make more time for your own training or even travel the world while working as a personal trainer, the future of personal training has never looked more promising, thanks to the power of FITR. Find out more about personal training and hybrid coaches on FITR with our dedicated Who Uses ‘Personal Trainer’ or ‘Hybrid Coaches’ pages which include examples and testimonials.

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