Introducing the Personal Trainer Fitness League (PTFL)

We are thrilled to introduce an exclusive opportunity for personal trainers and their clients across the UK — to join the Personal Trainer Fitness League (PTFL).


Jun 28, 2024

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What is the PTFL?

This groundbreaking league is based on eight components of fitness. It uses a fair scoring system that accounts for height, weight, age, and sex assigned at birth, ensuring everyone has a chance to shine.

For the first time, personal trainers will have the chance to elevate fitness to the status of a competitive sport for their clients. Each trainer will have the opportunity to assemble squads from their client base or nominate individual clients to represent them in the league.

The culmination of this groundbreaking league will be a one-of-a-kind event held at the prestigious Gymshark Lifting Club. It will be a day of intense training and exhilarating competition, offering an unparalleled opportunity for both you and your clients.

What are the benefits of joining the PTFL?

As one of the inaugural 256 Personal Trainers to join the PTFL, you will receive an exclusive invite to the iconic Gymshark Lifting Club. There, you and one of your clients will compete in the first-ever PTFL final.

You will also benefit from:

- Squad Formation: Use the league to assemble squads, enhancing both lead generation and client engagement.

- Online and On-Floor Coaching: Whether you coach online or face-to-face, the league provides a tangible way to showcase your clients' progress and your coaching excellence.

- Democratised Scoring: The league’s scoring system accounts for height, weight, age, and sex assigned at birth, ensuring fair competition for all trainers and squad members.

- PTFL has also partnered with FITR to give you the first opportunity to register and use your FITR account to coach your squad towards achieving their best scores each season. 

This initiative will help increase client adherence and retention.

How do I take part?

For the cost of a HYROX ticket, you will enjoy a full year of squad engagement, including automatic entry to the Gymshark event. The league begins in September, with the first fixtures released in October. During this pre-season, PTFL will assist you in setting up and naming your squads and invite you to join a private WhatsApp group.

Exclusive offer for FITR coaches

As a special offer for FITR coaches, PFTL is providing a one-off discount for registration. Typically £15 per month for 12 months, you can opt to pay upfront with a 20% discount (£144 for both you and your squad) or secure your spot with a £30 deposit and start monthly payments in November 2024.

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Secure your place in the league and your invite to the Gymshark Lifting Club on Sunday, 13th July 2025, by following the link below. Join us in making fitness history!
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