Elite CrossFit Athlete, Reggie Fasa invests into FITR Training

FITR Training announces that leading UK CrossFit athlete Reggie Fasa has invested into the company.


Sep 22, 2021

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FITR Training the global SaaS business that is disrupting the remote coaching and online programming space, announces today that Reggie Fasa, one of the UK’s leading CrossFit athletes, has invested into the company. 

Fasa is one of the UKs leading male CrossFit Athletes with a breakout year in 2021 finishing 38th in the Open, 1st in the European quarter finals and 13th in the semi-finals. Reggie has been a long-time user of the platform both as a client since 2019 and as a coach in 2021. A firm fan favourite Fasa had expressed an interest in investing into the business on the back of his experience as a platform user. As part of his investment, Reggie will be advising the business on developing the application and its functionality from a coaching perspective as the business continues to grow.

Fasa says “I have been using the FITR Training platform as a client for years and had been saying repeatedly to other people how it was the best platform out there! So, when it came to launching my own remote coaching program, it was a no brainer. I wanted a system that saved me time and money, allowed me to grow my business and free up time so that my own personal training wouldn't suffer, which is really important for me at the moment. That is exactly what FITR Training did and I knew others, like me, would want to use FITR Training for the same reasons. It was at this point I decided to get involved in the business.  As an athlete our careers can be short, and I know that investing now will set me up for later in my career.  I believe in the product, and I see a big future in what it can do, and I’m delighted to be able to play a part in the growth of the business.”

About FITR Training

FITR Training uniquely provides a single, built for purpose platform that puts technology to work like no other coaching software. FITR Training launched in 2019 by founder Leon Cassidy provides an all-inclusive online coaching platform that allows coaches to create, sell, manage, and grow their online businesses. FITR Training removes cumbersome multi-channel operations meaning coaches spend less time managing back-office functions leaving more time for delivering and growing their businesses and making more money. 

FITR Training count some of the most internationally recognised brands and coaching programmes on their client roster, including Gymshark Lifting Club, WIT House LDN, Turf Games, JST Compete, Invictus Training and now with the addition of Reggie as a direct team member. FITR Training continues to strengthen their resources and refine their product. Following a standout 2021 with YOY growth of coaches using the platform of over 140% and the millionth workout recently recorded on the app, FITR Training continues to innovate and deliver an unrivalled service for its users.

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