A guide to using personal training software

Find out our tips on how to use personal training software to grow and scale your business while automating time-heavy tasks.


Nov 8, 2023

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Personal training has been around since before the 20th century, and since then, we’ve seen technology completely transform the industry for the better.

The rise in online personal trainer software has revolutionised how fitness coaches create programming, reach new customers, track client progress and run their business. There are many benefits to have, so in this guide, we’ve covered some of our top insights for making the most out of the software available on the market.

What is personal trainer software?

It’s a solution that streamlines, automates and handles every aspect of your personal training business. From program creation to client management and billing, software aims to make your business easier to manage and give you more time to scale and grow.

What should you look for in pt software?

When choosing the right personal training software, it’s essential to consider how the features will impact the day-to-day management of your business. Some key features to look out for include:

Multiple program types – No one coach or client is the same, and depending on how you plan to deliver your training, having the ability to create different types of training programs will mean you can provide to a diverse client base. Some to consider are 1-2-1, Fixed Length, Group Rolling Calendar and Session 1, Day 1.

Client apps – If you’re expecting your clients to follow your programming using the software solution you choose, you must make sure the app is user-friendly and easy for them to use at home, in the gym or anywhere else. For example, we have a free dedicated client app that gives your clients everything they need to follow their training and keep in touch with you.

Client tracking – The ability for you and your clients to track their progress, goals and achievements helps both of you to understand performance over time. This can help to demonstrate the impact you’re having and guide future decision-making.

Instant messaging – There will be times when you need to contact individuals or groups of clients. Having this feature built into the same platform you’re using to build programming, track progress, and monitor results will help you save time and keep everything organised in one place.

Managing payments – We know first-hand how difficult it can be to track which of your clients have paid and should continue to receive your programming. As an example, our payments solution automates everything from sending payment reminders to taking charges and restricting program access. This allows you to focus on building your business while our software handles everything else in the background.

Ongoing development – The health and fitness industry is constantly evolving with new ideas and ways of doing things. When looking for your software provider, you should choose a solution that demonstrates it will continue to develop its platform so that you can stay competitive.

Promotional tools Marketing and promotional features, such as discount codes and free trials, can help you attract new and previous clients to your programming. We’ve built this directly into our software so that promotions you set automatically apply to your programs and the payments you receive.

Media support – There will be times when your clients ask for help with their form or need some video guidance. The best personal trainer software will allow you to upload and manage your own files, as well as provide you with assets to use if you don’t have your own.

Custom branding – Adding your own branding to existing software can help to create a professional image and improve the experience your clients have when following your training. We’ve created a White Label solution for this very purpose, allowing every personal trainer using our software to make FITR look and feel like their own.

Setting yourself up – how should you get started?

Once you’ve selected your personal training software and are ready to start, consider following the below steps to set yourself up for success:

  1. Choose your program type – Decide how you’d like to deliver your training and select the right program type for your needs. For example, we offer four program types suited to different types of training.
  1. Create a program pageEach program you create needs a dedicated page with the information prospective clients need to make a decision. Show your clients exactly what they can expect from this program, including how much it will cost, what the training schedule will be like, the required fitness level and more.
  1. Decide how you’ll take payments – Set up an integrated payment solution that will allow your clients to pay for your training securely.

  2. Build your storefront – Just like a website (but without the hassle), this is an area that includes all of your programs and information about your business.

  3. Schedule your training – It’s time to start building your training schedule. It’s what clients will see when they download your program into their calendar. Make sure you include everything that your clients will need; this may consist of introduction or movement videos, warm-up sessions and more.

  4. Invite clients – Directly invite clients to join your programs or share them on your social pages. Depending on the software you use, clients will be able to sign up and start receiving your training automatically.

  5. Manage your clients – Once clients have signed up, you can start to consider the ongoing management they’ll need. The best personal trainer software will allow you to:
  • Create and maintain detailed client profiles where you can manage their personal information, history and training preferences.
  • Record your clients’ progress through tracking. This enables you to adapt their programs as they advance.
  • Communicate with your clients. Checking in regularly makes sure they are making the most of their training. It also allows them to talk about their struggles or concerns.

  1. Grow your brand – As you grow your brand, customising the personal training software you use to make it your own will provide you with a platform and app that will help you deliver:
  • Professionalism – Branded software demonstrates high professionalism and commitment to your clients.
  • Customer trust – Clients are more likely to trust and invest in a branded app or software, knowing it’s an extension of your business.
  • Marketability – Setting your branding on personal training software and apps sets you apart in a competitive market, improving your chances of attracting new clients.

Our software solution for personal trainers

FITR is an example of versatile personal training software that can be a game changer for your online coaching business. It provides a comprehensive solution for everything we have discussed and many more features. We have an excellent customer experience team, provide exclusive coach communities, and partner offers to assist you in building the best business you can.

Learn more about how you should be using FITR to power your online personal training by starting your 14 day free trial or following the links below:

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