The evolution of client management software for personal trainers

We explore the evolution of client management solutions with personal trainer software and how it’s proved to be an invaluable game changer for Personal Trainers.


Dec 14, 2023

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Personal trainer software has changed the way personal trainers manage their clients, helping them save time, improve their service and grow their earnings. We’ve explored the shift in PT client management alongside some of the most popular features available through software solutions.

The shift from manual to digital

Personal training has come a long way from handwritten workout plans, dog-eared appointment books and personal bests recorded on a piece of paper. As health and fitness ideas and best practices have evolved, so has the way we do things, and personal trainers find they're not only juggling weights in the gym but an ever-growing client list and a thriving business.

The transition to personal training software offers more than just convenience. It’s a strategic move that lets trainers focus on what they do best – guiding their clients to achieve their fitness goals, all while saving time and automating tasks.

The power of client management in personal training software

Imagine having a personal assistant who handles your scheduling, keeps client records, and stays on top of all your communication channels, supporting you in focusing on producing and delivering top-level workout programs. 

This idea becomes a reality when you embrace personal training software with advanced client management features. Utilising the available solutions highlights a significant shift in the personal training landscape, offering next-level efficiency, automation and effectiveness. We've covered some of the key benefits below.

Streamlined scheduling

With personal training software, PT’s can enjoy hassle-free scheduling and improve the experience their clients have. Deliver your training to clients via a client app such as FITR, which includes the following benefits:

  • Clients have their schedules with them at all times.
  • Your client’s schedule automatically updates as you make changes.
  • Schedule all your training sessions in advance.
  • Clients are able to adjust their schedules on the go.

Stay in touch from anywhere

A crucial part of client management for every trainer is communication. Whether that’s sending updates, answering questions or giving feedback, communication is needed to build and maintain client relationships.

Personal trainer software offers a streamlined way to handle client comms around all of your PT responsibilities. Instead of communicating with clients using apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger, keep everything within the same platform you’re using to deliver their training. This makes it easier to keep everything in one place and stay on top of client comms as and when they need your attention.

Progress tracking 

Tracking client progress over time helps demonstrate the effectiveness of your training, but traditional tracking methods can be time-consuming or difficult to manage. 

As an example, FITR allows your clients to track their Benchmarks, Body Metrics and Challenge entries. We’ll automatically create graphs from this information so you and your clients can see how their performance changes over time and adjust training accordingly.

Billing and payments

Handling your business's finances can be daunting, and historically, managing tasks such as payments, invoices and records was complex, requiring space to store paper copies of all your business transactions. 

Using client management software that allows you to integrate financial tools, such as Stripe, gives you access to financial dashboards where you can see the health of your business at a glance. Download invoices and receipts and automate billing and program delivery for your clients. 

Remote training possibilities

Deliver training to clients outside your local area and manage them as if you were meeting them in person. Features available in digital client management solutions mean you can keep in touch using built-in communication tools, breaking down geographical barriers.

Client engagement

Keeping your clients engaged and motivated after their initial sign-up will help you retain them in the long term. The right software solution can help keep engagement high from anywhere in the world, 24/7, through features designed to keep your clients coming back.

One example is Daily Leaderboards and Challenges. They allow you to create one-off or ongoing scored workouts that your clients can engage with on top of their scheduled programming. Their scores are logged in a Leaderboard where they can compare their results with other clients or their past performance.

Using data in your programming

Client management software will log and track data about your clients. This could be their completion rates, body metrics or other useful information that can be referenced as you schedule future programming. Using this information to guide future decisions may help you to provide an overall better experience for your clients and help retain them for longer.

Store client information securely

Client data needs to be secure, and using notes, paper, documents and emails may not be the safest place to store sensitive information you're responsible for. Client management software will automatically collect most of this data for you, as well as storing it in a secure but convenient location where you can reference it as and when you need to.

Embracing the future of personal training

Personal trainers who adopt client management software position themselves ahead of their competition. Beyond weights and cardio machines, success in an ever-changing health and fitness industry relies on expertise in training and efficiency in business operations.

Client management software isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer that elevates personal training to new possibilities, far beyond the days of handwritten workouts and appointment books. It's time to embrace the digital revolution and utilise the power of client management software.

FITR is a powerful and intuitive solution constantly evolving with the industry. All the features we've touched on in this blog and many more are available. Join some of the biggest names in the industry and elevate your personal training business to the next level.

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