Get ahead of the January rush with FITR

It’s no surprise that January is the number one month for new member sign ups. Start as you mean to go on and use our FIVE tips and tricks to get ahead of the January rush.


Dec 2, 2022

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It’s no surprise that January is the number one month for new member sign ups. Start as you mean to go on and use our FIVE tips and tricks to get ahead of the January rush.

1. Start early

Now this may sound simple but offering an incentive to sign up to your programming prior to January 1st will get you off to a great start. Perhaps a December specific fitness plan about how to train around the Christmas period? Or alternatively offer advice on meal prep hacks for Christmas and managing alcohol consumption.

2. Plan your marketing 

By planning out exactly when and what you will be posting about you’ll find yourself even more time to check in with your clients - whether that’s [1-2-1 messaging] or feedback on form videos, this will help ensure that online personal training remains personal. Remember, social media is not your only marketing tool, a lot of people forget about Email Marketing.  The Fit Biz coach can help with all things marketing and branding, so reach out. She's offering 25% off a brand audit until 10th December 2022, an exclusive discount, only for FITR coaches. Read her [blog] to find out more.

3. Solidify your strategy

Make sure you've got some incentives. Whether that's a refer a friend campaign, or discounts for clients that commit for a longer duration of time. With FITR you can set trial periods of up to 28 days and allow clients to try before they buy. We’ll automatically start a new billing period at the end of the trial if they decide to stick with the program, and they won’t be charged if they leave during the trial period. 

Give a little something extra.

Publish an unlimited number of one-off downloadable programs to build brand awareness and introduce new clients to your programming. If you’re offering subscription based-programs, make sure to check out our integrated program trials.

4. Increase your capacity 

Now’s the time to find those aspects that are wasting your time. Do you have automated billing? With FITR you can promote, sell, and bill, without breaking a sweat. Connect Stripe to sell your programming online and automatically receive money into your bank account. Track financial performance and client data through Stripe’s dashboard and reporting tools.

5. Run challenges 

FITR’s challenge functions can install that community feeling that some worry is lost with online coaching. Challenges encourage interaction, especially through FITR’s messaging functions, clients can establish friendships with each other. This newly established friendship group provides them with a reason to stay loyal to you and your online coaching business. Perhaps consider a 12 days of christmas challenge including live workouts and giveaways.

Let your clients compare and socially interact with each other on real time leaderboards. From Daily Leaderboards within each of your specific programs, to wider Challenges encompassing all of your clients, integrate another level of client management into your online programming.

Getting started on your FITR journey

If you’ve not yet signed up for your 14 day free trial we’ve created a checklist to help you get started and prepare yourself for the January rush.

Sign up for your trial and familiarise yourself with the platform.

▢ Find out what FITR looks like for your clients.

Create your first program, Session 1 Day 1 - it’s the simplest type to get you started.

Link with Stripe so you’re ready to start selling your programs.

▢ Set up your storefront.

Invite or add coaches to your account

​​▢ Optimise the cover media for your programs

▢ Make the most of our features - coupons, discounts and loads more
Sign up your first clients

No matter what sports discipline you subscribe to, or the time of year, FITR is the elite online coaching platform to power your business. It’s an all-in-one solution that allows you to distribute a wide range of online training programs. Seamless automation, program delivery, online sales and client management are just some benefits you can expect. Offering 1-2-1 and group based coaching, whether remotely or face to face, is simple. FITR has the power and efficiency for coaches with 1 to 15k clients.

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