What is personal training software?

Personal training software allows PTs to create programming for their clients that can be followed from anywhere by anyone. Find out what our solution offers personal trainers and fitness coaches.


Jan 8, 2024

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Personal training software allows PTs to create programming for their clients that can be followed from anywhere by anyone. It also allows them to manage clients and track their progress, automate time-consuming business tasks, such as taking payments, and enhance how they deliver their training by utilising powerful features.

What features does personal training software offer?

Every software is different, but with over 69 features and counting, we’ve focused on what our platform offers to help you understand what you’ll be able to benefit from.

Programming features

Programming is a core part of any personal training business. It’s what clients come to you for, and it requires continual updates and tweaking. Having features that allow you to build better programs, make updates with ease, and improve the experience your clients have will help you stand out and offer an all-around better service.

  1. Create different types of programs - The best personal trainer software will offer you different ways to create your program. Examples include one-off downloads with a fixed cost, such as a 30-day challenge, and ongoing programs that you continually update and take regular payments for on a subscription basis.

  2. Schedule directly in your clients’ calendar - Use a calendar view to create training days and schedule workouts. Any updates you make will automatically be reflected when your clients view their training schedule.

  3. Automatically personalise client sessions - Inject Benchmarks into your programming, and our software will automatically tailor workouts based on each client's individual records.

  4. Community challenges and leaderboards - Create Challenges for your clients to get involved with and track their performance on real-time Leaderboards.

  5. Supplement programming with media - Store media and files directly in your software solution and attach them to your training and workouts to improve your clients' experience.

Client management features

Client management can be anything from daily communication to adapting your training program to match their progress. It's essential for building relationships and making sure they get value from following your programming. Dedicated client management features aim to save you time and simplify the entire process.

  1. Communicate with clients from anywhere - Send and receive private messages, chat with entire client groups, and leave comments on your client's workout performance.

  2. Track client progress over time - You and your clients can track their progress directly in our personal trainer software. Keep a log of key metrics, such as blood pressure, BMI, Muscle Mass and Benchmark workout performances.

  3. Client analytics - View information that helps you understand how your clients are performing, such as their workout completion rate, mood and energy levels, how much they’ve spent on your programming and more.

  4. Review client training while scheduling new workouts - While scheduling new training, review past client performance to help guide you on what training will benefit them the most.

Marketing features

Marketing will help you attract clients and grow your earnings. Utilising marketing features in the same platform you use to build your programming and manage your clients will make everything more streamlined and less time-intensive.

  1. Create a promotional storefront - Create your own website-like page to promote your coaching business without the hassle of development. Share this with the public to help you find new clients.

  2. Sell your programs instantly - Every program you create will have a dedicated page that prospective clients can visit and purchase your programs instantly. They’ll receive their training as soon as they make the purchase (as long as it has been pre-loaded).

  3. Encourage sign ups - Create coupons, set trials for your programs, pre-sell your training and use other promotional tools to help you attract new clients.

  4. Collect data and integrate with other platforms - Take advantage of integrations to create powerful automation and view advanced analytics.

Business & admin features

Streamline the administrative side of running your personal training business and make it easy to keep up with the day-to-day demands through business and admin features.

  1. Manage a team of PTs - Team up with other personal trainers under a single account to share programming and client management responsibilities with ease.

  2. Notifications and alerts - Stay updated as and when something needs your attention, and manage everything from a digestible feed.

  3. Waivers - Create and attach waivers to your programming to ensure you comply with your legal responsibilities.

Payment features

Payments can be time-intensive, especially if you’re dealing with ongoing subscriptions and need to track whether a client has paid or missed the deadline. Automate everything from receiving your payments to assigning program access through a dedicated solution that connects to your personal trainer software.

  1. Automatically take payments - Payments will automatically be taken from your clients and deposited directly into your bank account without you having to take any manual actions.

  2. Instant program access - When a client pays, our personal training software will automatically give them access to your training.

  3. Automatically remove access - If a client misses a payment, their access to your training will be automatically removed.

  4. Automatic payment reminders - Clients will receive automatic reminders if payment is due and they haven’t yet paid.

  5. Data dashboard - View advanced analytics about the financial performance of your business.

Mobile apps

Our personal trainer software provides dedicated apps for you and your clients, making it easier for them to follow your training from anywhere and for you to keep in touch with them remotely. Learn more about the Client App and Coach App.

White label capabilities

Take your personal training software to the next level by using our White Label solution. Make the platform look and feel like it’s your own with custom colours, logos, app icon URL and more.

How can personal training software help you?

Personal training software offers a range of benefits that streamline operations, save you time,  enhance client engagement and improve your overall offering. Here are some examples of how it may help you, with some further information available in our blog What are the benefits of personal training software?

  1. Save time - Personal training software will save you time. Tasks will be automated, actions will be quick and easy to make, and you can make updates from anywhere as long as you have a connected device.

  2. Simplify - Software does the heavy lifting for you, making otherwise complicated actions achievable in a few clicks.

  3. Improved client experience - Software will allow you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Combined with your programming, you’ll have the option to enhance your offering and improve how you deliver training to your clients.
  1. One platform - Keep everything in a single platform and benefit from efficiencies and ease of management.

  2. More information - Software will give you more information and analytical reports that help you truly understand what’s working, what isn’t and where you may be best focusing your efforts.
  1. Cost-effective - The price of software makes it accessible for every coach, even those just starting out with a small client base.
  1. Reach more clients - Using any personal trainer software will allow you to reach more clients compared to solely in-person training, allowing you scale your business and boost your income levels.

How much does personal training software cost?

The cost will vary depending on which software you choose, but as an example, our STARTER level plan is only $34.99 per month, ranging up to $129.99 per month for our UNLIMITED account option. Please see a comparison below, or visit our pricing page for more information.

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