Phil Hesketh's top 5 home equipment buys!


Apr 30, 2020

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With gyms being closed and the great unknown of when things might return to normal, people have been flocking online to purchase gym equipment for home use. Some of us are fortunate to have plenty of space and gardens whilst others may be limited to square footage in apartments! So what are the best items to buy to get maximum use out of them?

Phil Hesketh from Prepared Programming gives us his top 5 home gym equipment purchases in order of importance!

1. A DUMBBELL OR KETTLEBELL. They can be a little pricey but well worth the investment as you can do a huge variety of both strength and conditioning work with a single DB/KB. Choose a weight that you think allows you to work in the 10-20 rep range for most exercises. If you want to spend a little extra and get two, I would not recommend getting one of each but two of the same (my preference being two dumbbells) as the equipment is very similar so I would rather just double up to allow for more load/variance to workouts.  Photo@blkboxfitness

2. A good set of RESISTANCE BANDS. You can do SO much with a simple set of bands. They are completely ‘indoors friendly’, take up no space, make no noise and are pretty cheap. 100% more productive than buying a barbell when you live in an apartment block!

3. A WEIGHTED VEST. This one is good because you will continue to get just as much use after this pandemic is over and you go back to the gym. It’s a solid money investment but a great way to add load to bodyweight movements so you can bring the volume down. Photo @wolversonfit

4. ANY CONCEPT 2 MACHINE. I understand that this is both expensive and takes up space BUT if you are looking to spend the money then this is guaranteed good quality equipment and can be used pretty much on a daily basis without overtraining. My preference would be the BIKE ERG. Photo @blkboxfitness

5. A good TRAINING MAT. A simple one but important if you’re training indoors to protect your floor and your skin. You can get these cheap at most sports stores.

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