How fitness technology complements the real world of training

We take a look at how Gymbox has used FITR to help bridge the gap between coaching in the gym and remotely.


Oct 26, 2022

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Gymbox powered by FITR

Gymbox is a pioneer in the fitness industry and, put simply, a lifestyle fitness brand. They have certainly smashed their goal to make the gym anything but boring. Still, they also do this in a way that resonates with their audience, differentiating them further from competitors.

Unsurprisingly, during the pandemic, everyone missed the community feeling that you can only experience in person with real-life training at the gym. So what better place to be than Gymbox, which makes working out as fun as going out (out).

Gymbox launched their remote programming through FITR on the 21st of February 2022, and what a game changer it has been; their clients get the best of both worlds. With WFH options, the thought of commuting to the gym is perhaps a distant memory. By using FITR, Gymbox has connected, cared for and communicated with its members beyond the gym’s four walls. They aim for people to continue using the gym but to bridge the gap by using the available technology; training both in the gym and at home can reap the same benefits. Here’s what David Cooper at Gymbox had to say when we asked him about FITR:

“The simplicity, ease and functionality through a fully integrated system is what made FITR the perfect software choice. The free client and coach app allows communication to be direct and personal, and it’s easy for clients to follow their programming from their phone in any setting. It is a fully turnkey solution for our brand.”

Fitness tech - how has it helped?

Throughout the pandemic, coaches were not visiting clients in their own homes nor seeing them in the gym, and it’s safe to say, for many of us, it was pretty lonely. Coaches continue to save time with FITR’s features, but your training does not have to suffer just because you’re beyond the gym’s physical extremities. The valuable functions FITR provides can rekindle that sense of community which we previously associated with training in the gym alongside like-minded people. From client tracking metrics that instil motivation and a positive mentality to leaderboards that encourage competitiveness and community. 

Wherever your client is following your training, FITR makes it simple. Benefit from the same functionality, ease and community that powers Gymbox. Provide your training both in and out of the gym. The features available within our platform mean you can update and amend your clients’ training depending on their location; if they miss a day, they can re-schedule in their calendar and always stay in contact with you along the way through the messaging features. Make the most of every location possible, FITR’s client and coach apps mean you can always be right there in the gym, park or at home, coaching your clients.

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