Cape Town to Cairo

One of the board members of FITR, Keith Boyd is on a mission to travel from Cape Town to Cairo to encourage young South Africans to get involved in democracy and advocate change.


Sep 7, 2023

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One Man. One Mission. On Foot.

Keith Boyd, an investor and board member of FITR, is on a mission for democracy. An IronMan age-grouper, he is attempting to break the 25 year old Guinness World Record of fastest time on foot for Cape Town to Cairo. A journey of around 6,500 miles (11,200 km) he anticipates that it will take approximately nine months to complete and will see him travel through nine countries on the Eastern side of the African continent. 

The purpose of this challenge? To support a non-profit organisation he founded in his native home of South Africa to motivate young S.Africans to vote and, in turn, grow the economy, thereby reducing unemployment, poverty and inequality. He’s passionate about invoking change, and this expedition is a way to draw attention to the cause.

Rainbow Leaders

An independent, apolitical NGO, Rainbow Leaders encourages young South Africans to participate in the democracy of the nation. They aim to increase the number of youths registering and voting in national and local government elections.

“Of the 36 million eligible to vote, over 18 million are youths.”

Their goals are to be a force for economic and social change by getting involved, asking questions, participating in democracy, holding their leaders accountable, and defining the future of South Africa and the roles of youths in it.

How do they achieve their goals?

The Rainbow Leaders team visits high schools, providing interactive sessions with over 16-year-olds on the meaning of being a South African citizen, how to participate in their democracy, how to register to vote, and how to make informed decisions when choosing leaders and what it means to hold them accountable.

“Our activations team encourage discussion, debate and critical thinking on how young people can have a say in how our country is run.”

Follow and share Keith’s Instagram account: @rainbowrunnerza.

Keep up-to-date with Keith’s progress by subscribing to his YouTube channel: @RainbowRunnerZA

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How can you help? Creating awareness of the organisation’s goals is crucial to success. No matter how small, any contribution can help Rainbow Leaders succeed.
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