Hard Work Pays Off in More Ways than Just Fitness

Mat Fraser, 5 x Fittest Man on Earth, talks all about fitness, business and why FITR Training is the software of choice to power his new HWPO Training platform.


Mar 22, 2022

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Hard Work Pays Off is a phrase that Mat Fraser utilised to launch his programming brand just under a year ago. However the ethos of HWPO epitomises and underpins everything Fraser stands for from fitness to business, hard work does pay off.

About Matt Fraser

Around seven years ago in 2015, Fraser came 2nd place at the CrossFit Games for the second time. This was a time in his life that he took a step back to re-evaluate and figure out why he was only coming second. You could attribute 2015 as a significant turning point in his life, as in 2016 he changed everything up. Fraser looked at his nutrition, mental health and fitness as a package each equal cogs in his wheel. He trained, slept and ate better and essentially put in hard work for a year, and as we all know it worked in his favour.

Fraser comes from an engineering background with a degree that requires a thought out, structured approach with a knack to problem solving. This hardwired approach to life certainly helps with his focus and attitude to his life and business. Fraser says:

“Perfect practice results in progress.”

It's this approach in life that created the HWPO Training brand. Fraser wanted to educate others in what he has learned and the approach to take.

He continued to say, “HWPO Training is not just a track. I’ve developed and encompassed a fitness spot for mind and body. A strong mind and mentality is what is required to be a hard worker and achieve your goals.”

HWPO Training App

The new HWPO app launched in March 2022 taking away the previous faceless feel to a more interactive approach through the FITR Training software that powers the HWPO Training app.

Fraser said, “When it boils down to it I am a coach not a programmer. This is an approach I wanted all my members  to experience which is why it's extremely important to me that my members  get more than just words in a program. Our new app allows us to communicate directly and as a group, as well as accompanying videos with each training day (for HWPOFlagship).

“From a coaching point of view the videos are one of my favourite features as I wanted members  to understand why they are doing the workout. So the daily videos cover intent, purpose and stimulus therefore educating members  at the same time.”

He goes on to highlight other key features on the new system powered by FITR Training, and says: “I absolutely love personalised percentages, this feature is awesome. It completely respects members’  time, so calculating in the gym or switching backwards and forwards between pages is gone,  it's all done for them. This allows my members  to just show up and put in an effective day.”

The HWPO team has been blown away with the incredible feedback from members in just over a week. Members are loving the look, ease, content and intuitiveness of the new app. This is just the start of a company that plans to evolve with technology and programming content to better serve their hard working members.

Behind the scenes

The last 12 months has been anything but retirement for Fraser and his team, especially the last few weeks up to and over the launch of the new app. We all know that ‘Feeding the Frasers’ instagram feed is full of helpful insights to how Sammy fuels her man.

Feeding the Frasers Soy Beef Bowls
Feeding the Frasers

But how does that pan out over stressful long days and weeks? Sammy Moniz admitted that cooking has taken a back seat over the last few weeks however her go to over busy periods are a steady flow of overnight oats, which kept the whole team going alongside cooking a batch of her soy beef bowls and storing them in the fridge for when hunger hits.

HWPO Training isn’t just about Fraser there is a whole team behind the brand working tirelessly in the background. Sammy isn’t just the healthy cook for the team; she is also responsible for media, content and brand vision across 4 different social accounts and works closely with Eric and Alex, the media team, who bring everything to life! Then there is Erin who looks after day to day operations, Andrew supporting on customer service and Jake who is 2nd programmer. He works with Fraser on full season programming and bringing progressions to life. Finally we have Matt O’Keefe who is the newly appointed CEO of HWPO Training and was integral to bringing the new app to fruition and establishing and building a relationship with FITR Training.

Summing up the week of the launch Fraser said:

“I’m incredibly proud of what our team and the FITR Training team has accomplished. We have delivered a first class app in the market with our first iteration. It's been a very cool moment to see the HWPO Training app in the wild.”

When asked what advice he can give to coaches who are starting up their online business with limited resources, Fraser said: “FITR Training offers amazing features that coaches can utilise that will be time effective and help their business increase revenue but at the same time keep a connection with their clients. Above all the support team and help desk is fabulous and are always on hand to offer advice, help and they are always looking at further developing their software with the need of the coach and their clients at the forefront.”

Users of the new HWPO Training platform can choose from 5 different tracks:

HWPO Flagship ($40)

If you’re determined to unleash every ounce of strength and performance potential, the flagship program is for you. You’ll build the conditioning, strength, and skill foundations Mat credits with his success dominating the sport. And when the time is right you’ll put your foot to the floor and experience your hard work paying off.

HWPO 60 ($40)

If you’re tight for time but want to make every second of training count towards huge gains in strength, performance, and conditioning then HWPO60 is what you need. This is a condensed version of the flagship HWPO program which can fit into even the busiest of schedules.

HWPO Pro ($69)

For elite level competitors only. If you expect to qualify for quarterfinals, semi-finals, or the Games then this is the program you need. Expect to train 3 to 4 hours a day 6 days a week. HWPO PRO will follow the competitive season. The sign-up window is closed for the 2022 season.

HWPO Sweat ($40) New Program!

From start to finish, 45:00 of HARD WORK through a combination of amraps and emoms. Bodyweight & boot camp style fitness using minimal equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, bands. Designed to build consistency in daily movement vs. progression in skills and techniques. SHOW UP & WORK HARD.

HWPO Classic ($20) New Program!

Workout styles included but not limited to couplets, triplets, amrap and chippers. A community-based daily workout. No progressions. Jump in, work hard. Intended to be a throwdown with friends.

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