Online personal trainer - what are they, the benefits & how to get one

An online personal trainer is just like a traditional trainer, except most of their services take place online. As a client, you can benefit from increased exposure to some of the world's best fitness coaches. Have the expertise of an expert at your fingertips and train at a time that suits you. Here's everything you need to know about online personal training.


Aug 19, 2019

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Differences between traditional and mobile personal trainers

Online trainers don't differ from traditional ones too much. After all, they're the same people doing the same job, but they're just utilising personal trainer software to help them provide their service. Apart from the obvious that one takes place physically with a client, and the other happens online, there are some key differences to expect: 

Traditional personal trainers

  • Will conduct most of their business in a gym with clients
  • Limited to their local area for training, unless they're willing to travel
  • Can only train as many clients as they have time slots
  • Can find it difficult to support their clients outside of training sessions

Online personal trainers

  • Can conduct their business online at a time that suits them
  • Has access to an international client base
  • Can train many clients at once
  • Can help their clients on demand through the internet

The benefits of using an online personal trainer

What are the benefits of using an online personal trainer you ask? Well, for starters, you'll be able to find a broader range of qualified instructors covering a variety of sports without having to travel, you're not restricted to set time slots, and you don't even have to leave your home! Here are some of the main benefits:

Round-the-clock access

One of the best things about choosing an online personal trainer is that you won't have to wait for a weekly session or time slot to ask them any questions, update them on your progress, or tell them you're ready for a new challenge. Online personal trainers are usually able to operate the entirety of their business on their phone, and if they're spending less time travelling to physical sessions, that means they'll have more time to help their online clients.

In-home personal training

For some people, going to a gym and training doesn't suit their lifestyle, or they'd feel more comfortable exercising at home. You always have the option to find a personal trainer that is happy to travel to your home, but this can sometimes be expensive. With an online personal trainer, just let them know that you're looking for exercises that can be done at home. You can benefit from all of the value a trainer offers without having to set a foot outside!

Online fitness training programs built around you

There are many online training programs available online, but the problem is, they're not built around you, they might not be suited to your goals, and they're static, meaning that once you've completed one, there's no continuation of training that complements the work you've previously done. 

Access to world-class trainers

You may have access to amazing personal trainers in your local area, but when we're talking about online fitness training, you have some of the best at your fingertips. Online personal training offers something traditional training doesn't, and that's the access to more, and potentially higher-skilled trainers around the world. So, if you're struggling to find a Level 2 CrossFit trainer in your village, online training will probably solve that issue.

Keeping you motivated

At any time, if you have a drop in motivation, you can cancel your personal training appointments, and that would be that until you reschedule. When you opt for online training, you've already purchased the services, and you'll be able to see your progress and training calendar at all times. The best coaches will notice when you've missed a training day and check-in with you - there's nothing like a coach spurring you on to train that'll help you achieve your fitness goals.

They're just like personal trainers, but online

By opting for an online personal trainer, you're not losing any of the benefits you'd get by using a traditional trainer; they're exactly the same, just expect them to have more time to dedicate towards their clients!

How much you can expect to pay for an online personal trainer

The price of an online personal trainer varies from the service you chose and the trainer themselves. A well-established trainer will charge you more as their services are more in-demand, and they've built up the experience to allow them to do so. However, you can find emerging online trainers who will charge you less and still offer you a fantastic service. Here are the types of online training programs you can choose from and how this affects what you might pay


Bespoke plans are unique, created by a coach for a client's fitness goals. You'll be in regular communication with your coach about your progress, and your plan will be updated regularly to match your progress.

Subscription memberships

An automated membership plan means that you'll enrol onto a training program that gets regularly updated for a set monthly fee. Your coach will likely have more than one person on this plan, and it won't necessarily be personalised to you, but it's great for people with generic goals such as weight loss, muscle gain etc.

Fixed one-off plans

Fixed one-off plans are one-time purchases of an online training program. This can be a great way to test the waters with a new coach, or you may have a specific goal in a set time limit that can be achieved through this plan type. You'll still be in communication with the coach, and you'll have access to all of their resources on offer.

The FITR Training solution to online personal training

FITR Training is a platform that connects coaches, fitness brands, clients and athletes in one place. We make it easy for online trainers to upload, share and sell their training programs, as well as making it simple for clients to join on and schedule their fitness routine. We handle everything from personal bests to client billing, so you’ll never have to use multiple solutions for your online training as it can all be done within FITR training. Check out our features page for a list of everything we currently offer.

Upcoming features

FITR Training is continuously in development; we're improving our platform and introducing new features on a regular basis. One of our upcoming features is the FITR Training marketplace; a hub that makes it easy to browse training programs and find an online personal trainer that suits your needs. Watch this space!

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