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JST Compete owner, Ste Fawcett, gives 4 tips on how to grow your remote coaching business using FITR Training.


Oct 26, 2020

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Ste Fawcett is well known for being an athlete and a coach. His remote personal training business, JST Compete, has hundreds of clients across the globe subscribing to his programming through FITR Training.

We asked Ste what was important to him, as a coach, to deliver a premium remote coaching service that is reflective of his world renown brand and tips to help others grow a business like him.

1. Clear and concise instruction.

Alongside the sets and reps make sure to include rest periods, tempos, videos and any further notes to make sure that your clients complete their training just as you intend. Leaving no room for any misunderstanding.

How does FITR Training help?

FITR Training offers a clear schedule outlook to build your programming on. It clearly lays out what you want your client to do each day, breaking it up into components parts.  Also the option for media attachments to your programming leaves little room for error.

2. Communicate with your clients.

Monitor your clients and check in frequently. Depending on the level of service you offer, a little message can go a long way and can be the “pick me up” that your client needs.

How does FITR Training help?

The FITR Training software  truly offers full client management! Such as one to one messaging, coach performance feedback, coach ‘seen’ notifications to the client, customisable automatic messages and more.

3. Rep and intensity ranges.

Offering ranges can help a client tailor their training around their day to day stresses. There’s a lot of factors in life that can affect a client’s fitness and fatigue levels and by offering ranges and educating the client on them  can help the client make the right decisions in their training sessions to ensure the intended stimulus is hit.

How does FITR Training help?

The unique personalised coding feature that FITR Training has allows you to offer tailored rep and intensity ranges customised to each client, regardless of how many are following the program.

4. Build an online community.

Following an online program can be a lonely place if the client is frequently training on their own. Creating a community amongst your athletes can help boost morale and have them feeling like they are part of something bigger than just their program.

How does FITR Training help?

Forget FB groups, FITR Training has you covered with automatically managed ‘Communities’ based on your active clients, plus challenges and leaderboards for that little bit of remote social competition!

Full list of features can be found here https://get.fitr.training/features

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